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Draft Notes from Meeting of 21st February 2017

  1. Welcome and Apologies:  Apologies received from John Hartley-Brothers, Oliver Lurot, Peggy Lurot


    Those present:  Judy Rendell, Colin Rendell, Simon Billis, Sandra Hartley, Paul Smith, Andrew Law, Brian Joyce, James Harvey Samuel, John Bradley, Rupert Pearce, Glen Morley


  2. Agree Meeting Facilitator: Agreed Brian Joyce


  3. Minutes of meeting of 16th January 2017:  Agreed


  4. Purpose of the Meeting:


  1. Update on the Neighbourhood Plan process following the Parish Council meeting of 13.2.17:

    It was explained that the Parish Council had delegated authority to the Parish Clerk to release Tockenham and Clyffe Pypard from the neighbourhood plan area, although neither parish council had yet formally agreed to withdraw.  It was not clear what situation this would leave Broad Town in if it was the only parish left in the designated neighbourhood plan area.  In order to withdraw a parish council has to demonstrate that it is able to apply for its own designated area and has a draft neighbourhood plan with which it can proceed.  Additionally, following the resignation of six out of the seven parish councillors and the resignation of the clerk, the PC is not quorate and cannot fulfil the functions of a qualifying body.  Simon as the remaining parish councillor is seeking advice from Wiltshire Council and believes that Wiltshire Council will fulfil any necessary parish clerk functions.  It was agreed that the situation is pending dependent on the parish council becoming quorate following elections.


  2. Update from Area Steering Group 19.01.17:

    At the meeting there was a concern that the evidence gathering process in Broad Town, being the postcards survey and the Parish Council Housing Survey, had received sufficient adverse comments to bring the process into question at the inspection stage.  It was noted that the PC was unable to verify the number and validity of the Parish Council Housing Survey forms.

    Also at the meeting the Chair of Tockenham PC said that they were ready to proceed with their draft Plan but were being held up by the other two parishes.  Clyffe Pypard had provided a document but Wiltshire Council said that it did not constitute a plan and returned it to be completed.  Broad Town had not completed the analysis of its Housing Survey therefore could not complete the related development policy in its draft plan.  The Chair of Tockenham PC said that a decision would be made at its next PC meeting in March whether it should withdraw from the NEW-V Group and proceed with its own plan.  It was agreed that Clyffe Pypard and Broad Town would be given to the end of February to complete their draft plans and the situation would be reviewed at the NEW-V Group meeting in March. 

  3. Recent Correspondence:

    No new correspondence has been received.

    Responses to correspondence agreed at the last meeting had either been sent or were in progress.

  4. Future Proceedings of the CLPG:

    We agreed that we could continue to meet but there was no current process to carry out.  Our current role is in distributing information until there is a quorate qualifying body.

  5. Broad Town News/Other Communication:

    The item referring to the CLPG written by an outgoing Parish Councillor in the March edition of BT News was discussed, publication will be awaited and it will be reviewed at our next meeting.  It was agreed to put forward an update in the April edition of BT News.


  1. Attendance at next Area Steering Group meeting:

    Although the situation regarding membership of the NEW-V Group is not clear, the parishes included in the NEW-V Group are entitled to attend whilst they are part of the neighbourhood plan designated area.  Lorraine will attend  the next meeting to provide continuity.  An agenda is awaited.


  2. Funding for the CLPG:

    A form to apply to the Good Energy Community Fund has not been received.  Simon will find out what functions will be carried out by Wiltshire Council until a new clerk is appointed.  Thanks to those who have made donations to cover the cost of the hall.


  3. Any Other Business:
  1. The parish councillor election process was discussed.
  2. A query was raised about the whereabouts of information that the PC as a legal entity might hold as it has not been deposited on the PC website.  Can it be ensured that information relating to the neighbourhood plan process is retained for the use of any incoming parish councillors. It is believed that the PC did not formally record all information despite guidance that it should be retained as the custodian of the data. Of especial concern is that relevant information may have been deleted.  It was noted that all documents should be retained securely for 7 years by the clerk. A suggestion is that PC data should be held e.g. on a Wiltshire Council server to be retained for scrutiny and accountability to retrieve information independently of a PC.  Wiltshire Council does retain information which could be retrieved.  We believe our own accountability is robust.
  3. Thanks to all for your input into the meetings.


  1. Date of Next Meeting:  Tuesday 21st March 2017 7.30 p.m. – 9 p.m. Broad Town Village Hall.

Lorraine Billis


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Community Led Planning Group

As many of you will be aware, the Government's Localism Bill will have a profound effect on proposed development in all communities. Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area has been chosen to pilot the production of a Neighbourhood Plan, with a Neighbourhood Planning Forum set up to take that work forward.

Peter Doyle, the Chairman of Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Board and Community First support and welcome the creation of a Community Led Planning Group to help influence the development of the Neighbourhood Plan for the community area. As Ex-Chair of the Parish Plan Steering Group, I agreed to facilitate the creation of the group and am requesting volunteers to take the group forward; once created I will withdraw as it is important this group is, and is seen to be, entirely independent and representing the views of the parish. The group will:
    • Be separate from the Parish Council
    • Create their Constitution
    • Elect officers
    • Agree how often it will meet – it could be on an ‘as and when needed’ basis
    • Elect their representative on the Neighbourhood Planning Forum
It is not intended that membership of this group would be a huge commitment, but it will be an important group whose purpose will be to ensure the views of the people of the parish are represented on the Forum by a nominated and accountable representative. It is important for Broad Town to be aware that saying ‘No’ to development is a risk as it could leave the community vulnerable to unchallenged development. This group will therefore be a vital link between the views of the residents of Broad Town and the work being carried out on the Neighbourhood Planning Forum. So, I would encourage anyone interested in joining this group, with the aim of taking forward the views of the parish, to please contact me by 9th December.
Thank you
Jenny Newman Tel: 739268
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