Orange Route
A low level walk to Bincknoll and back, wjth the option of shortening your route *
Revision 19/2/98
Distance:-3 1/2.(2). Allow:- 2 hrs. or 1 1/2 hrs for 'loop'.
1.Join the Littletown track at the junction of Chapel Lane and Horns Lane,(Preachers' Point). Follow the track to Littletown; and, on the same heading, follow the lower edge of the hill to the point where there are two bridle gates at right angles to each other. Go through the gate straight ahead and follow the path along the edge of the wood, keeping on the same heading, although the edge of the wood swings to your right away from you, until you can see the stile. Follow the Waymarks over the stile, then alongside Honey Hill Copse (on your left)*. On the same line cross another field and through some scrubby ground, until you are at the lower,(N.) end of Bincknoll Dip. Bear to your left (N.) and continue until you reach the (S) end of Bincknoll Lane.
*If you wish to take the shorter circular route, climb the stile at the end of Honey Hill Copse and walk down the footpath beside the copse. This leads to a green lane where you can turn left for a quick route back to Broad Town. If, however, you keep on the same heading as before, following the markers through the long narrow plantation of Poplar trees, you will join the Bridle Way to Cotmarsh at point * (below-2).
2. Turn left and follow the lane round the corner, then look out for the Bridleway Sign. * Turn left and follow the Bridleway Waymarks (W) towards Cotmarsh. When you enter the last field before the S. end of Cotmarsh lane turn left through a metal gate. (#) Keeping the hedge on your right, proceed S. leaving the field by the stile in the S.W. corner. Go through the metal gate ahead of you, and turn Right.
3.Keeping the hedge on your right, go straight ahead, leaving this field by a stile,then cross a footbridge.
Bear left across the next field, leaving by a gate in the far S. corner. On the same heading (S.W.) go through a metal gate, diagonally across the next field, over the drain near the large willow tree, along the hedge, keeping it on your left; over another stile, straight across a paddock, and between Manor Farm Bungalow and the new houses, to regain Preachers' Point.
1.From the S. end of Cotmarsh Lane, turn left and follow the Bridle Track to the end of the first field (#). Now follow from (#) in Section 2 above; (but turn rjght, through the metal gate # off the Bridle Track), followed by Sections 3, 1, and the beginning of Section 2 as far as (#).
Orange Route Map

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