Green Route

A Figure of Eight walk taking in Thornhill.

Revision 15/12/97
Distance: Part 1, 2.5miles. Part 2, 2.5miles - Allow:- 1 hour each, maybe 2.5 for the whole route.
The two parts of this walk can be done separately, the first half is Sections 1 to 4 inclusive.
Part 1
1.From Telephone Kiosk in centre of village leave road alongside East Farm, heading W. then bear right). Follow path at rear of house and alongside Church Farm property. Cross footbridge and stile into pony paddock. Be aware of horses, and identify stile diagonally across the field. Climb that stile and cross footbridge then follow hedge (on left) round corner of field and over drain into next field.
2.Now bear right, on a diagonal path heading N.W. To locate the next stile, head just to the left of the large trees in the hedge along the north side of the field. Climb the stile and keep on the same heading across 3/4 of the next field. Now turn right and follow the Waymarked path into the next field. Turn immediately left, and, keeping the hedge on your left go to the gap in the hedge facing you. Bear half right, walking due N. to the corner of the field, where you join another path at right angles. Turn right over a stile into the next field. Go straight across that field, over a stile and footbridge,then bear left across the next field, climb the stile then cross the next small field; leaving it by a footbridge. Keep on the same heading across the next field, turning left over a stile and footbridge leading to a stable area.
Turn right, between the menage and the hedge, and leave the property via a stile into Broadtown Lane. CARE ! TRAFFIC.
 3.Opposite is a path leading to a stile into "The Fields" Property. Follow the Waymarks straight ahead until you reach the S. branch of the Cotmarsh Track. Turn right. On your right, at the end of the track, beyond some old farm machinery is a Footbridge and Stile turning right. After negotiating the stile turn left, Now follow the Waymarkers over the next three stiles, until you reach the field behind Broadacres. Cross this field and take the stile into Redhills.
4.Walk down Redhills. This housing estate gets its name from the old names of the surrounding fields, where the reddish colour of the sand contrasted with the nearby chalk. Cross the main road, then turn left and walk up through the village, noting the School on your right, and the Church on your left. The little graveyard has won awards and is delightful; here repose the remains of Geoffrey and Jane Grigson, both famous themselves, and the parents of cookery tele-star Sophie Grigson. Walk on up the road until you reach your starting point.
Part 2
5.Once more walk through the gap by East Farm, but this time bear left and walk behind the village properties, before following the Waymark across the field to Thornhill Lane, here known a Whiteway. Leave the field by a stile near the Finger Post and turn right down the lane, then left into a concrete drive. Climb the stile alongside the gate, turn left and go through the adjoining gate into the cattle yard. Follow the Waymarks, heading W. until you reach the old Drove, where you turn right with the hedge on your left. Follow this hedge until the break, then go through it, and continue along the same line with the hedge on your right as far as the next drain. Turn right with the hedge on your left, and go to the corner of the field where Waymarks take you over a Footbridge. Go diagonally N. across this field, heading for the field gate alongside the cottage. Go through this gate.CARE ! TRAFFIC.
6. Cross the road diagonally on the previous heading, and take the Footbridge and Stile into the next field. Walk to the junction between Green and Brown Routes, and turn hard right. Head for the stile in the corner of the field, and climb it. Take a bearing towards the School buildings (in Winter) or towards the white cottage on the hill (Snowhill) when the leaves are on the trees. Cross the next field diagonally on this line, leaving it by a bridge over the drain. Turn right alongside the drain, and follow round the corner of the next field, leaving it by the Footbridge and Stile. Now follow the Waymarks through the Church Farm property, and behind the other village properties to return to your starting point.
Green Route Map - Part 1

Green Route Map - Part 2

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