Pink Route

A longer circular walk round the outskirts of the village.

Revision 27/1/98

Distance:- Allow:-       (app.).
1.Starting from the lay-by between Redhills and Broadacres, walk down the road (N.) to the signpost on your left, just beyond "Elmside". Turn left and once through the entrance turn left again, following the hedge, (on your left) to the far end of the field. Cross the drain by the footbridge, and walk up the left hand side of the next hedge, walking W. This path will bring you out alongside Ellimore House.
2. Climb the stile opposite following the waymarked path across the next field heading for the far left corner. Here there is a Footbridge over the drain. Follow the Waymarked path with the drain on your right until you come to the trackway which is the old drove road. Turn left. keeping the hedge on your left at first, then go through the gap and leave it on your right; At the end of the next field, where the track back to Whiteway intersects, go back to the other side of the hedge, which will now be on your left. At the end of the next field you will cross the path from Clyffe Pypard to Broad Town. Go straight ahead up the hill; following the pink Waymarks until you come out onto the track W. of the thatched cottage.
3.Cross the track to the brow of the hill and turn left.
      following the brow of the hill. There are wonderful views up here, but keep your eyes open for the wildlife; you may see hares, badgers, deer and many varieties of birds. Keep along the brow of the hill, following Waymarks. After a while the path goes through a gap in the fence and you walk across the top of the combe, keeping the fence on your right.
4.After leaving this stretch by way of a bridle gate, take the next gully down on your left. This brings you to the bend in the road at the top of the village.
     CARE ! TRAFFIC. Bear right across the road and follow      the sign downhill to reach the top of Horns Lane.
5.Turn right through a bridle gate and follow the path along the bottom of the hill. passing Snowhill (cottage) and Little-town Farmhouse. Bear left (N.) along the bottom of the hill, and later below the wood, until you reach two bridle gates at right angles to each other. Turn left downhill, and follow the Waymarks through the spinney, and out of it by a stile.
6.Keep on the same heading until you are approaching the
corner of the field. Turn left along the hedge, and at the far end of the field leave it by a stile and cross a footbridge. Bear right across the next field and through a metal gate. On the same heading cross the next field and take the stile leading into the field behind Redhills, where there is another stile. Walk down Redhills and turn right to the lay-by.
By consulting the Green or Brown routes it should be easy to see how those mesh in with this one.
Pink Route Map

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