Brown Route

A circular walk based on Cotmarsh; giving access to other routes; intended to be of special interest to visitors to the area. 

Revision 30/1/98.

DISTANCE:-                   ALLOW:-          (app.).
1.If camping at "The Fields" take the Eastbound path to Cotmarsh Lane. Otherwise follow Cotmarsh Lane from the finger post on the main road. In either case, turn left
and walk N. along the lane, until you see Little Cotmarsh Farm on your right. Now turn left alongside the garage of Far Cotmarsh Cottage, and go through the wicket gate. Turn left along the fence and go through the galvanized gate. Turn immediately right, and keeping the hedge on your right walk to the far end of the field and through another galvanized gate. Keep on the same heading across the next field to the stile and Footbridge. CARE ! TRAFFIC.
2.Cross the road and turn right; walk on the wide verge as far as the Bridle Track sign and turn left. Follow the Bridle Track; it turns diagonally right where it crosses the drain into the next field. Now follow this track to the road, being particularly careful to close all gates securely. Turn left along the lane, and continue until just after the road junction on your right, near an electric sub-station.
3.Turn left through the hoosier, then go diagonally across the field, heading just to the right of the large tree you can see near the far corner. Climb the stile and turn immediately left. Keeping the hedge on your left, go alongside that field, over the drain by the bridge, then, keep straight ahead with the hedge on your right until you come to the main road. CARE ! The TRAFFIC really shifts on this stretch ! This is your opportunity to turn right if you wish to visit the centre of the village.
4.Otherwise, turn right and walk a short distance S. along the road, then turn left across it, and go through the gate alongside the N. boundary of Broadacres. Follow the Waymarkers over two stiles, then bear left across the field to another one. After this stile go straight ahead towards the corner of the hedge, then walk N. keeping the hedge and drain on your right, then go through the gate ahead, and keep on the same line alongside the next field. Cross the drain through the next gate. Turn left if you are returning by the path to "The Fields";
if you wish to return to Cotmarsh Lane turn right and, keeping the hedge on your right, walk to the next stile, leading into the lane.
N.B.Once you know this route it is a simple matter to walk section 4. in reverse, giving you a quick route to the village, and other walk routes.
Brown Route Map

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