Yellow Route

A circular walk to Clyffe Pypard.

Revision 27/1/98
DISTANCE:- ALLOW:-      (app.).
1.From the Telephone Kiosk go uphill (S.) then follow the Waymark right under a brick arch and bear left behind the properties. Climb the stile, then bear left diagonally across the field; then turn sharp left with a hedge on your left, to reach a stile giving access to Pye Lane. Turn right and walk to the corner near Springfield House.
 2.Turn left up the tarmac track; bearing right near the thatched cottage, and continuing uphill, keep the same heading (S.W.) as far as the road. CARE: TRAFFIC !
3.Turn right and follow the road to the junction with the lane to Bupton Farm. Get onto the right hand verge and walk in the beechwood downhill to Clyffe Pypard. By now you are probably ready for a drink at the Goddard Arms.
4.The Church may now claim your interest. Afterwards take the path through the churchyard and follow the waymarks beside the pond to join the well marked track back to Springfield House. Reverse section 1. to return to the
starting point.   
5.Leaving Clyffe Pypard via the churchyard, and alongside the Pool, cross the Footbridge, then bear immediately left down the side of the field as far as the drain which has young Ash trees planted alongside; turn right alongside the drain with it on your left. Walk until you come to the hedge with mature trees, where you will see a gap giving access to the next field. As soon as you are through the gap turn left and continue until the hedge is thickened by some large Yew trees.
You now have two choices:-
To return to Broad Town Telephone Box.
6.When you reach the Yew trees turn right across the width of the field, heading for an ancient Oak tree, to the left of which is a Footbridge and Stile. Once over the stile continue straight ahead, with the hedge line always on your right, across two fields with a stile between them. The faint track you now cross is an old drove road. Continue ahead, through a gate and over a stile until you come to White Way which is part of Thornhill road. Bear right across the road and over a stile. Take the left hand track indicated across two fields separated by a drain with a Footbridge. You should be able to recognise where you are now !
To return to the Cotmarsh area.
6.When you reach the Yew trees continue walking almost due North heading for the far corner of the field, where you will find a Footbridge and Stile. Having got over the stile keep on exactly the same heading across a large L shaped field, leaving a drinking trough just on your right, at the end of a spur of hedge. In the corner of the field is a metal gate leading onto the old drove road (seen here as a rough track). Just opposite is a drain. Keeping the drain on your left follow the waymark over the footbridge in the corner of the field. Walk diagonally North across this field heading for the white cottage in the corner, where a gate takes you onto the road. CARE ! TRAFFIC. 7.You can now pick up Point 6 on the Green Route to get to Cotmarsh.
Alternatively, in the last field before Thornhill lane bear right (heading for Ellimore House), where the is a roadside stile. The track alongside the house takes you straight back to Broadtown Road just below Broadacres.
Yellow Route Map

There is no map for this route.  Would someone like to volunteer?  It does not have to follow the style of the other maps.  Make it your own style - get the children to help as project.

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