White Horse View Route
This is a circular walk from Cotmarsh, walking below the hill westwards to Clyffe Pypard, then downhill northwards to Bushton, returning eastwards to Cotmarsh; with a possible meal break at Clyffe Pypard or Bushton.
Distance:- 6.5 Mile       Allow:- 3hrs, plus time at Pub/s.
WAYMARKING. This Route is marked using conventional yellow Waymarking Arrows, with a PURPLE SQUARE on the shaft of the Arrow.
1.Take the lane signposted to Cotmarsh,turning right,(S).
at the 'T' junction, and follow the lane to the end. Turn left through a metal gate and , keeping the hedge on your right, walk to the end of the field, turning right through a gate just before you reach the far
hedge.Keep walking with hedge on your right to the far corner of the field, leaving it by a stile. Go through the gate ahead of you and turn right along the hedge,following it until you see a waymarked stile and footbridge in the hedge in front of you.
2.Once in the next field bear left to leave the field by a gateway, keeping the same heading,(S.W.) along the track, through a metal gate, then towards a large willow tree where there is a footbridge with stiles. Stay on the same heading with the hedge to your left, leaving the field by a stile. Go straight across the next field, over the stile, then by a grass track to Preachers' Point. Follow Chapel Lane, cross Broadtown Road, and walk along Pye Lane until you come to the sharp bend corner at Springfield. Take the track straight ahead, through a metal gate,(if open),otherwise over the stile. Follow the Waymarked path all the way until a footbridge takes you into the field behind the churchyard at Clyffe Pypard. Walk through the churchyard, then up the lane to the "Goddard Arms", stopping for refreshment if you so wish.
3.Continue up the lane, passing the old school, as far as the 'T' junction with the main road. Turn right (W.) for a short distance, taking the next lane on your left
as far as Bellcroft Farm. Turn right through the gate signposted, and follow the Waymarked route downhill with the hedge on your left for the first two fields, at the end of which you turn left through a gateway, then immediately right over a stile. Head N.W. across the next field, aiming for the large tree which marks the end of the hedge in the next field. When you reach this tree a footbridge and stile will become visible. Once in the next field keep the hedge on your left, then leave the field by a footbridge. Keep on the same heading, aiming for the corner leading to the road, alongside a bungalow, where there is a stile. If you wish to go to the "Trotting Horse" turn left down the road and walk about 1/3 mile, noting your next footpath to the right, about half way to the pub!
4.Take the stile mentioned at the end of section 3. The path goes around the garden of Bushton Manor then straight ahead, over stiles, until it drops down some steps into Wood Street. Take the gate almost opposite then walk N.E. heading for the corner of the field. Keep on the same heading across the middle of the next field, leaving it by a gateway to your right (but not the stile sharp right). Leave Parsonage Farm and its adjoining paddock on your left, follow the edge of the field, heading for the gate into the lane. Almost opposite is a hoosier to take you onto the footpath which goes straight across the field, turns left through the hedge, then, with the hedge on the right, goes through the garden of Common Farm, onto the lane.
5.A hoosier opposite leads onto the footpath along the N. edge of the next field with the hedge on your left. At the end of the hedge is a stile into the next field, go straight across that field, over a stile, then bear left across the next field. Climb the stile then cross
    the next small field; leaving it by a footbridge. Keep on the same heading across the next field, turning left over a stile and footbridge leading to a stable area. Turn right between the hedge and the fence, leaving the property over a stile leading back into Broadtown Road.
 CARE! TRAFFIC! Ahead is a stile into "The Fields" site, or you can turn left down the road to Cotmarsh Lane.
N.B.Should you wish to start this walk in elsewhere, just join in the appropriate place; remembering that you will have farther to walk after your refreshment stop !
White Horse View Route Map
I have no map for this route.  A volunteer to prepare one would be very welcome.  It does not have to follow the pattern of the others
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