Parish Council Documents


Present; Cllr Mrs V. Stubbings, Chairman, Cllrs R. Bourton, J. Brain, N. Crocker, J. Pullen.

6 members of the public

Annual Parish Meeting

Reports were received from:

1. VHMC. The Chairman reported another successful year, helped somewhat by the temporary closure of the hall at Broad Hinton.

2. WI  Mrs McClaren reported another busy year, with an increased membership and a sound financial state.

3. Steering Group. The Chairman gave a comprehensive report on progress so far, and future plans, with a statement of finances. These papers are at annex's A&B to the original copy of these minutes.

The Annual Meeting closed at 19.45 hrs.

Monthly Parish Council Meeting

The Chairman then opened the monthly Parish Council meeting by asking for any questions from the public. Note was taken of a complaint regarding a footpath near Broadacres, which appears to have been blocked. This will be looked into.

1. The minutes of the meeting held on 9th March 2009 were signed as being a true record.

Co-option .

2. It was proposed by Cllr Bourton, seconded by Cllr Brain, that Mr Simon Billis be invited to join the Parish Council as a co-opted member. Agreed. Cllr Billis accepted and signed the Declararion of Acceptance of Office.


3. Clerk covered the statement of income and expenditure for 2008/09.

4. The audit papers for 2008/09 had been received; they would be completed and presented to the PC at the next meeting for approval. It was agreed to ask Mrs Kate Orton if she would carry out the internal audit of the accounts again this year.

5. A cheque for £164.22, payable to Sodexho for grass cutting ay Redhills, was raised.


6. As in previous years, the Council had received a letter from Wilts Highways asking that the PC remind landowners, when necessary, of their responsibility in law for the trimming of trees and hedges where they border the highway, and for the maintenance of ditches.

Parish Matters.

7. There has been a complaint that dogs are being allowed on the playing field at Redhills, in contravention of the rules. In future the public were to be advised to contact the Dog Warden.

8. Potholes. The road to Cotmarsh was now in a very poor state, with deep potholes. This was also the case at Thornhill. It was suggested that in these circumstances, CLARENCE should be informed; this seemed to produce action more quickly than when letters were sent to WC.

The meeting closed at 20.25 hrs

The next meeting will be on Monday 11th May 2009. This will be the Annual Parish Council Meeting.


R.J.DAVEY  Clerk

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