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Notice of Meeting and Summons to Attend



In accordance with Schedule 12, para 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972  - NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Meeting of Broad Town Parish Council will be held on Monday 12th December 2016 in the Village Hall, Broad Town Commencing at 6.30pm.


Deborah Bourne


Deborah Bourne                         6 December 2016

Parish Clerk

07801 440076                                                                                                

Public Question Time – an opportunity for members of the public to address the Parish Council on any Council matter before the meeting commences. (Limited to 10 minutes)  Every effort will be made to give accurate answers to all questions, but in some cases further research may be necessary when an answer will be given by the Chairman as soon as is possible.


Report from Wiltshire Councillor - An opportunity to put questions to and receive information from Councillor Mollie Groom.   




  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Declaration(s) of Interest:  To receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the Councils Code of Conduct as adopted July 2011.


  1. Minutes:  To confirm and sign as a true record Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 14th November 2016, and the Extra Ordinary meeting held on Wednesday 30th November 2016. 


  1. Clerks Report:  The Clerk will give a report on progress and any meetings attended on behalf of the Council.


  1. Planning Matters:  
    1. The Council is asked to note the following Planning Decisions made by Wiltshire Council.


  • 16/08042/PNCOU - Marston Farm Buildings, Broad Town Road, Broad Town

Notification for prior approval for a Proposed Change of Use of Existing Agricultural Building to Dwelling (Use Class C3)

Decision  :  Prior Approval Not Required


  • 16/08384/OUT - Pump House, Horns Lane, Broad Town

Development of 2 detached dwellings with integral garages and access from Horns Lane (Outline with access)

Decision  :  Approve with Conditions


  • 16/00950/CLE - Appleford, Thornhill, Royal Wootton Bassett

Certificate of Lawfulness for Mixed Business (Motor Vehicle Driver Training) and Residential Use

Decision  :  Refuse


  1.     The Council is asked to consider the following Planning Applications submitted to Wiltshire Council since the last meeting.


  • 16/11126/FUL - Land at Thornhill. Royal Wootton Bassett

Alterations and extension (changed under Class P, ref 16/06810/PNCOU), including site clearance and removal of all commercial storage activities.


  1. Housing Survey

Further discussions will be held on the results of the Housing Survey.  Evidence from the survey will help form policies for the NEW-V Neighbourhood Plan.


  1. NEW-V Neighbourhood Plan

Verbal update from recent NEW-V Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.


  1. Insurance for Village Hall

The Clerk has received a phone call from the Village Hall Treasurer requesting the Parish Council pays the yearly Insurance for the Hall.  On discussion with the treasurer, it appears the Parish Council has paid this premium in previous years.


The Councils instructions are sought.


  1. Parish Newsletter

The Parish Council usually makes an annual contribution to the Newsletter.  This supports the Newsletter whilst allowing the Council a method of communicating with residents.


The Council is asked how much it wishes to contribute for this financial year.


  1. Community Led Planning Group (CLPG)
  1. Support for the Parish Council

At the Parish Councils instruction the Clerk requested that the CLPG write confirming their support of the Parish Council and its support in drafting the NEW-V Neighbourhood Plan.  The CLPG response is attached.


The Council is asked how it wishes to proceed.


  1. Help with costs for meeting room hire

Whilst attending a meeting of the CLPG the Clerk was asked if the Parish Council would be able to make a donation in order that the group can pay for the hire of the Village Hall for their monthly meetings.


Whilst it is usual practise for Parish Councils to have a dedicated form for requests such as these it is understood there are no forms for this Council at the present time.  The Council is asked if it can justify this donation, and if so, how much it wishes to contribute.


  1. Finance

The Council is asked to authorise the accounts for payment contained in the Finance Report for November; which will be sent prior to the meeting.  Cheques will be signed for these accounts after the meeting.


  1. Annual Estimates of Income and Expenditure

Each year Parish Councils must consider what it wishes to be done in the following financial year.  A draft budget has been prepared by reference to what the Council spent during 2015/16 and its projected spend to the end of this financial year.


The Council is asked to discuss the proposed draft budget for the next financial year (2017/18) in readiness for its adoption at the January meeting.


  1. Communications

The Council is asked if it wishes any decisions from this meeting to be sent to Broad Town News.  A Parish Councillor should be nominated to write any necessary article ready for submission.


  1. Councillors Observations and Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of Broad Town Parish Council will be on Monday, 9th January 2017; commencing at 6.30pm in Broad Town Village Hall.


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