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9th MARCH 2015

Present Cllr S. Hinson, Chairman. Cllrs R. Bourton, M Nailon,Mrs D. Ponting, J. Pullen and Mrs V. Stubbings

Also present: 11 members of the public

The Chairman invited public comment, which centred on the planning consultation process, but became a debate about the minutes. Clerk attempted to explain the accepted rules and usage. After 32 minutes, the Chairman called order, and the formal meeting commenced.

The meeting started at 19.05 hrs.

1. The minutes of the meeting held on 9th February 2015 were signed as being a true record.

2. Planning.

15/00973/FUL. Church Farmhouse, Broad Town Road. Conversion of building to Granny annexe. No objections received.

3. Finance.

a. The Clerk updated the PC on the latest information from Good Energy.

b. Clerk noted that the end-of-year Parish accounts will be available at the next meting, prior to audit.

4. CLPG Report.

The Chairman read out the following statement for consideration by the Council:

"The Parish Council believes that the Neighbourhood Plan is a very important document for Broad Town's future, and the development policies within that Plan are the most important part of the Plan as far as the long term interests of the Village are concerned. We therefore believe that total transparency on how the plan has been devised was essential, backed up by sound, provable evidence base.

The Parish Council believes that the current draft version of the Plan put forward by the CLPG, whilst being a generally sound and laudable document could not survive an inspection of it's evidence base of the rigour that Wiltshire Council is legally obliged to all such Nieghbourhood Plans. For such an important document the evidence must be utterly impregnable. The Chairman therefore proposes that:

1. The Parish Council organises a referendum to enable the electorate of Broad Town to choose between two versions of the Plan; version 1 relies entirely on the Wiltshire Core Strategy, and version2 offers a policy of supporting limited development if it enables acceptable benefits to community facilities.

2. The Parish Council will request that CLPG produce a briefing document that gives appropriate background information, and a balanced summary of both sides of the debate, to fully inform the debate in advance of the referendum mentioned above.

3. The Parish Council delegates the practical details of the vote and any community involvement necessary to ensure that a good turnout is achieved to Cllr Hinson, who may delegate responsibilities within this process to whichever Cllr(s) he sees fit for that responsibility.

This was put to the vote, and passed unanimously.

5 Reports

a. Neighbourhood Planning. Next meeting 11th March 2015

b. Area Board and CATG. Next meeting in May

c. Community Speedwatch. It would appear that the Community Speedwatch Group will probably now cease to exist; a change in the rules being one of the major factors in discouraging the activity by volunteers.

The Parish Council wishes to place on record it's appreciation of the group who have done sterling work over several years, and much of the information produced has been of great benefit in the road safety plans for the Village.

6 Communique.

As required, but the Clerkj is to include information based on para 4 above, and the PC vacancy.

7. Parish Matters

a. A mother in the Village has offered to take on the job of updating the childrens play area. She will be looking for support. The Clerk has details.

b. The reproduction of the Parish map has now been completed, and will be displayed in the Village Hall.

c. The road at Thornhill, from the pumping station to Common Farm is now in a very poor condition, and concern is felt that the increase in traffic when the road into R. Wootton Bassett is closed will lead to it becoming completely unusable. Clerk id to notify WC.

d. A further concern is the lack of sinage from Pye Lane,  down Whiteways,  through Thornhill to the Bushton Road. At the very least there should be an indication that it is single track in places with few passing areas. Clerk is to notify WC.

e. The Annual Parish  meeting will be held in April, and the Annual meeting of the Parish Council in May.

Signed. R.J.Davey, Clerk

Minutes of the extraordinary meeting of 19th March 2015

Present Cllr S. Hinson, Chairman. Cllrs Mrs D. Ponting, J. Pullen, and Mrs V. Stubbings

One member of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs R. Bourton and M. Nailon.

Declarations of Interest. None

The Chairman explained that he had called the meeting to amend the wording of the proposal he had laid before the Council on 9th March 1025. In para 1 of the proposal he had used the word 'referendum'; this was incorrect. He proposed an amended wording, as follows, to para 1 and the the reference to this in para 2.

"1. The Parish Council organises an informal consultation and vote to enable the electorate of Broad Town to choose between two versions of the plan.............."

This was seconded by Clle Ponting and carried unanimously.

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