Parish Council Documents


Present: Cllr S. Hinson, Chairman.

Cllrs R. Bourton, M. Nailon, Mrs D. Ponting, J. Pullen and Mrs V. Stubbings

13 members of the public

There were no Declarations of Interest.

1. Election of the Chairman. Cllr Hinson volunteered to serve as Chairman for a further year.. Proposed by Cllr Stubbings, seconded by Cllr Bourton that this be accepted. Carried.

18.35hrs. The Chairman closed the meeting in order that Cllr Nailon could present a Protocol for Parish Council business, and to enable the public to ask questions. The protocol would be placed before the nxt meeting of the Council for acdeptance, and for public consultation ending in September 2015. This would be put on the website.

It was brought to the attentionof the Council that the election of the Chairman was in contravention of the Standing Order that the Chairman should serve for two years

18.55 The Chairman re-opened the meeting. The comment was accepted and, in order to correct this a proposal was made by Cllr Stubbings, seconded by Cllr Ponting, that Order no.10 be suspended for this meeting in accordance with Order no 36. Carried.

The election of the Chairman was confirmed.

2. Co-option. Mr Jason Bayliffe had expressed an interest in filling the vacancy on the Parish Council. It was proposed by Cllr Stubbings, seconded by Cllr Ponting, that Mt Bayliffe be co-opted. Carried. He signed the Declaration of Acceptance and joined the Council.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 13th April 2015 were signed as being a true record.

4. Election of a Vice-Chairman. Cllr D. Ponting accepted this role.

5. The acceptance of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations were renewed, but Standing Orders may have to be amended when the Communications Protocol is adopted.

6. Report from Clerk.

a He had successfully registered the PC for internet banking, but was still having difficulty obtaining a mandate to change cheque signatories.

b. He had attended a meeting with 'Good Energy' to clarify the rules regarding the use and operation of the Community Fund, and whether or not charity status was mandatory. Hi will present the orders for use at the next  meeting.The funding should start arriving at the wend of June.

c. The attempt to compile a list of email addresses for use in emergency had not been successful; only one member of the public had put their name forward.

7. Planning.

a. 03303. Tavewa, Pye Lane. No objections received. County had been informed. Noted.

b. 03659. Marston Farm. Notification of conversion of Barn to Dwelling. Noted

8. Finance.

        a. The completed Parish Accounts return was submitted to the Council, and approved.

        b. The following cheques were raised.

                    i. WALC. £218.84. Annual subs (206 84) plus cost of Clerks attendance at briefing by auditors. (12.00)

                   ii. Community First Trading £190.73. Public Liability Insurance.

                  ii. R.J.Davey. £75. Petty Cash.

9. Reports.

           a. Neighbourhood Planning. Chairman has asked Caroline Gibson, Wilts Council, if a meeting can be arranged and is awaiting her response, with dates.

          b. Area Board and CATG. Next meeting on Wednesday.

          c. Community Speedwatch. The group needs more volunteers if they can continue; this will be particularly important when road safety works are in place.Clerk to put an article in the 'news'.

10. CLPG.

         a Report held pending a meeting with Ms Gibson, and final work by a working group.

         b. An anonymous email received will be ignored until the author gives his name. 

11. Communique.

          a. Community Speedwatch. Note about volunteers.

          b. Jason Bayliffe has been co-opted to fill the vacancy on the PC

12 Parish Matters.

         a. Dog Fouling, Pye Lane. A complaint has been received that a dog walker is removing dog droppings from the fields in plastic bags and throwing them in the hedge. This is a very anti-social habit.

         b. Bridge Closure. Work is expected to start in November, provided that the relief road is in place.

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