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Present: Cllr Mrs V. Stubbings, Chairman

             Cllrs R. Bourton, J Brain, N. Crocker and J. Pullen

Before opening the meeting the Chairman announced that Cllr M. Harris had resigned from the Council because of ill health

1. The minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2009 were signed as being a true record.

Matters Arising

2. The Clerk noted that the procedure for electing a new Councilor tp replace Helen Kingston had been completed, but he had yet to learn whether an election was rewquired, or if the Council could co-opt.


3. The granting of permission for the replacement roof at Lower Cotmarsh Farm was noted.

4. Applications 09/00117/LBC and 09/00118/FUL. Lower Cotmarsh Farm - Replacement Porch and Erection of Farmyard Wall were considered. There were no objections


Note Cllr Pullen declared a prejudicial interest in the following item. He did not speak or vote.

5. 09/00017/COU. 11 Thornhill. Change of use from ancilary building to accommodation was considered. There were no objections to the plan, but it was deemed necessary to request that NWDC place a restriction that the new building must be tied to the original building, to pevent it being sold separately.


6. A cheque for £20 payable to the Village Hall for the annual rental was raised.


7. It was agreed to suppport the letter from Wilcot and Huish PC requesting that, if the plan to send all planning details, and other mail, from the new Wiltshire County by electronic means was approved, those Parish Councils unable to afford such a luxury should have computers and printers paid for by the County.

8. The reply to an e-mail to Cllr Groom from John Bennett concerning local 'sticky' issues such as speeding and flooding was considered very accurate and compelling. Clerk is to reply to Cllr Groom giving our total support.

9. The diversion of bridleway 26 at Vowleys Farm was considered. It apppeared to tidy up the existing route. There were no objections.

10. The usefulness of the present arrangements for the Lengthsman was discussed. It was agreed that the time allotted was too little for the work to be one man has to do, but yhe alternative, i.e. the PC having the work carried out independently, would be too costly. It was agred that the situation would be much improved if residents were to keep their immediate areas of responsibility tidy.

11. Flooding at the Cotmarsh road junction. It was agreed that the next time flooding occurs, which will be soon, photographs would be taken and the evidence submitted to WCC.

12 Flooding near Upper Ham Farm. The pipe under the road seems to be blocked, causing localised flooding. Clerk will report.

13. The road opposite Rayners is breaking up again. Clerk will report.

14 The railing on the edge of the road which covers the stream where it emerges from under the road at 23 Broad Town Road has been hit by a car, and is badly bent. Clerk wil dtermine responsibility for repair.

Cllr Michael Harris.

15. The Council wished to place on record it's appreciation for the contribution Cllr Harris had made in his short time on the Council. Clerk is to write to Cllr Harris thanking him for his efforts, and wishing him well.

The meeting closed at 20.30 hrs

The next planned meeting will be on 9th March 2009

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