Parish Council Documents


ON MONDAY 8th JUNE 2009. 

Present: Cllr R. Bourton, Chairman,

Cllrs S. Billis, J. Brain, N. Crocker, J. Pullen and Mrs V. Stubbings.

One member of the public.

Cllr Stubbings declared a personal interest in item 6, as a neighbour who might be affected by the actions proposed.

1. The minutes of the meeting held 0n 11th May 2009 were signed as being a true record.


2. It was agreed that Mrs Jenny Newman should be invited to join the Parish Council as a co-opted member. She signed the Declaration of Acceptance of office.


3. The result of previous applications was noted.

4. The withdrawal of 00611. Buildings at Broad Town Road Farmhouse, was noted.

5. The PC was bemused that the retrospective application for 5 Ham Cottages,(08/02462/S73A) had been withdrawn. Clerk is to look into this.

6. Application 00724/FUL, 11 Thornhill, was discussed. With the history of flooding in the area, it was considerd unwise that the bund should be removed without an assessment being carried out as to the affect of this. Clerk will put this concern to WC.


7. The annual payment of £100 to the Clerk to cover the heating and lighting of a room in his home in lieu of a proper office, use of phone etc, computor and printer, and stationary was agreed.

8. A cheque for £200.41 was raised for the Clerk's salary and expenses Apr-Jun, with a small addition for back pay.

9. The Clerk reported that the internal audit had been completed, with minor comments only from the auditor, and the papers sent to Mazars.

Parish Matters.

10. Footpaths. Some attention to stiles and gates was needed. As there is work in progress on these fences, Chairman will look into it.

11. Vandalism. Some vandalism had occured at the Pre-school. There appears to be some anti-social behaviour occuring in the village, which has been relatively free of this in the past. Broken glass on the playing field has had to be cleared up recently: this is possibly being caused by visiting youths. Clerk will put a note in the 'News' that residents report any problems to a councillor so that the purpetrators may be identified.

12 Yet again the roadside gullies are blocked.

13. Gate and fence at the playing field have been reported, but still not fixed.

Signed. R.J.DAVEY. Clerk

9th June 2009

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