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Wednesday Feb 3



Holy Communion held at 48 Poynder Place


Sunday Feb 7



Family Communion

1st Sunday before


Broad Town

Family Communion

D Marshall / F Holness

J Wallis

D Marshall

C Bettinson

J Thomson



Clyffe Pypard



Wednesday Feb 10


Clyffe Pypard

Benefice Communion with Imposition of Ashes

Ash Wednesday


















Sunday Feb 14


Clyffe Pypard

Holy Communion






Lent 1



Family Service

















Broad Town


C Green / M Manley

D Marshall


C Marshall











Sunday Feb 21


Broad Town

Sung Communion

C Crocker / J Drury

C Green

C Green

C Marshall


Lent 2



Holy Communion
























Sunday Feb 28


Broad Town

Said Communion

M Green / S Richards

S Richards

S Richards

W Cameron-Street


Lent 3



















Coffee Rota - 7th February John & Carol Oldfield - 21st February Ray & Margaret Manley





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Lent, the Christian season of preparation for Easter approaches rather too fast this year.  Too fast for my tastes that is.

I often use this as a season to give something up: often alcohol, quite sensible if I’ve indulged too freely over the Christmas season.  Once, really unwisely, I gave up my tea drinking habit which was a terrible Lent for everyone who knew or worked with me.  And then once I gave up The Archers which I never went back to listening to – it turned out that what I thought was a serious Radio 4 induced addiction was simply a habit that changed.

Now, several wise people I know, have suggested that rather than giving up something, Lent might be a time to take something extra on.  I’ve almost always responded grumpily to this – perhaps because it seems most often to be suggested when I’m feeling slightly overloaded or stressed and the idea of doing anything else is not appealing, perhaps because I’m rather good at being grumpy.

This year Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, February 10th which means that the first weekend of Lent coincides with Valentine’s Day.  In spite of being named for a saint who was a monk and so part of a community but not of a couple Valentine’s Day has become a moment to sell coupledom in the form a red roses, meals, cards and the like.  As a result it seems to cause a strange mixture of guilt and pleasure; misery and joy.

If like me you are someone who almost never remembers Birthdays or Anniversaries and barely gets any Christmas cards sent before 12th night – you will know the kind of guilt I mean.

And for some people the focus on coupledom and happy, pretty, lovey-doveyness can be a focus for misery rather than joy, either because they are single; or because they are not.

Mothering Sunday which also falls in Lent can be another of those days –delight for some; a source of pain or bitterness for others.

‘it isn’t good for human creatures to be alone’ is the wisdom of Genesis – so in that story God makes the mudman* a companion and it is after she arrives that everything goes really pear-shaped.

Being single or being partnered – either can be heaven or hell.

Giving up or taking on – either can be liberating or oppressive.

Maybe part of the gift of living in a community – whether a family, a village, a workplace or even a church is remembering that what is gift for me may be burden for you or vice versa.

So whatever you’re celebrating in this month: may it be joyful, life-enhancing and help you be more loving to those you know who feel the exact opposite about the same celebration.

*the name ‘Adam’ is a wordplay on the Hebrew word for earth.


The Reverend Rachma Abbott, Priest in Charge, Woodhill Benefice.

The Vicarage, Clyffe Pypard, SWINDON, SN4 7PY. 01793 731134  







6th Feb  Pancake Coffee Morning

10th Feb            Community Coffee Morning

10th Feb            BT CLPG meeting

11th Feb            Last day of school term

17th Feb            WI

20th Feb            Hilmarton Moviola

22nd Feb            Back to school

24th Feb            Community Coffee Morning

27th Feb            Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club

9th Mar  Community Coffee Morning

23rd Mar            Community Coffee Morning





Mrs S. Holland would like to say a big “Thank you” to all those who sent good wishes for her hip replacement operation.  Special thanks to the school for the beautiful flowers they sent.

Sheila is recovering well, doing her exercises, has short walks with one stick and has very little pain. Keep up the good work Sheila.





At the next opening of the café we will be cooking pancakes again.  This will be on Saturday 6th Feb in the Church.  As well there will be the usual refreshments, cake stall, sales table and raffle.  Do come for fun, friendship and a good natter.  We look forward to meeting you all there.





Make a note in your diary, Wednesday 10th February and Wednesday 24th February

These will be the first of the Community Coffee Mornings.

Join your friends and neighbours for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and homemade cakes.

Coffee mornings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month in Broad Town Village Hall from 10am to 12noon.

If anyone would like a lift please ring Carolyn on 852754 or Ray on 731564

Proceeds will go towards the Church Roof Fund.

Please do come along and make this a real community event.









Congratulations to the school for the “good” report after the Church School inspection.  The moving goal posts have made the inspection harder so to still achieve a “good” score shows how hard the staff and children have worked.





A new Beat Manager has been allocated to the Royal Wootton Bassett Rural Beat which covers Broad Town. PC Stewart Hulmes is the new incumbent and will join PCSO Andy Singfield in taking responsibility for policing our area.

During the last quarter a number of speed checks have taken place in the Rural Beat leading to the identification of, amongst other things, 2 drug driving incidents and 6 cases of driving without insurance.  There have also been a total of 7 attempted/successful burglaries of dwellings and non-dwellings; these have mainly been at night time when all buildings were secured.  There is no pattern to any of the burglaries and the NPT continue to work with the local community and Rural Crime Team to gather any intelligence regarding the burglaries and have stepped up patrols. The police urge the Community to continue to secure their premises, consider the purchase of shed alarms which can also be used on garage doors, install security lighting where applicable and to report anything suspicious.

The priority for the forthcoming quarter is Traffic Offences which will manifest itself in the form of speed checks across the Rural Beat.

If anyone wishes further information on the Broad Town Neighbourhood Watch, would they please contact Andrew Law on 01793 731472.





Our December Meeting was a wonderful Christmas meal in the Village Hall with
food supplied by Heather Shears.  It was greatly enjoyed by all.
In January we had an interesting talk by Iain Murray-Clarke from Black Dog
Smokery on the Lyneham Road.  He explained how to cure meat and fish and
then how to smoke them.  He even gave tips on how to do it at home!  He also
brought samples for us to try and to purchase if we wished.
The February Meeting will be on the 17th.  It will be the 'Lighter Side of Golf ' a fun talk by Ian Bolt a golf coach and former professional golfer.
We are a friendly group and welcome new members.  Our meetings are generally
held the third Wednesday of the month in the Village Hall.  If you are interested in visiting us, please contact Kate on 01793 731536 or Michelleon 01793 731357.

We are also on the Broad Town village website and on Facebook.









1. Election.  Although 10 people signed a request to Wilts Council for an election to be held, not one person put their name forward as a candidate; consequently, the election scheduled for 21st January was cancelled.  However, because of the request to County, an election must be held, so until somebody is prepared to put their head above the parapet, this process will continue.  The next date will be at the beginning of March: formal notification will be sent by County.

2. The draft Neighbourhood Plan is in its final stages.  Once completed it will form part of the neighbourhood planning process, and will be put out for informal consultation.

3. Community Fund. The fund is now in being. If you are a local organisation, an application for a grant will be considered by the Parish Council. The Clerk has the application forms.





It is with great regret that I am retiring as your Parish Clerk in April, but after over 15 years as Councillor and Clerk the time has come for me to give in to old age.  I have enjoyed my time as a member of the PC, but recent events, and lack of support from some members of our community, has made me aware that I have passed my sell-by date.  I wish to place on record that I am very appreciative of the support I have received from the Parish Council and members of our community.  However, if you can give a few hours a month for a small remuneration to serve your community I am willing to shadow you for as long as it takes.






FRIDAY NIGHTS.  Everyone welcome from 8pm till late, children from 12 yrs must be accompanied, younger children by arrangement. Social Club prices in the fully Licensed Bar.  Tea, coffee (+ decaf) and chocolate beverages, snacks and soft drinks available.

SUNDAY BINGO.  Fun for all ages….  Doors open 7.15 eyes down 8pm . Books and Stakes from £1.25 Plus Big Bonus Card game, and Two Triple chance Flyers   All monies taken are paid out in prizes.  Become a member and after 4 consecutive weeks you can go for the Snowball prize.  The more people that join us the bigger the prizes.

The FOUR WAYS community pub and Sunday Bingo are run by The Broad Town Social Club Volunteers.  Any questions or want to get involved?  Contact Trevor on 01793731699

e.mail  *








27th February 2016 Change of Venue, Now at St. Michael's Church Hall Lyneham.

Tea, coffee & toast available from 9:15am, full English breakfast at 9:30am

£7pp. + a raffle.

The subject of the talk this month is Greyhound Rescue.

There will be no event in March due to Holy Week but the April breakfast will be on 30th April when Revd Paul Needle will talk about Rail Disasters.

Contact David May, if you would like to attend.





Hopefully it’s not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  The New Year has certainly started with a shock for the draft Area Neighbourhood Plan.  Purton Parish Council has decided to leave the Area Plan and continue with its own Neighbourhood Plan relating only to Purton.  The reason given by the Purton spokesman is that Purton is a large village that must accept a housing allocation and also that joins onto Swindon, exposing it to development pressures until its Plan is in place.  The spokesman also expressed a view that the draft Plans for the other villages were not capable of proceeding as they did not follow government advice and this would hold back the Purton Plan.  Wiltshire Council will seek legal advice on how the remaining six villages, including Broad Town, might continue.  Although advice is awaited, the possibilities for consideration could be:

  • Remain in the current Area Plan, without Purton, if this is legally possible;
  • Form a new Area Plan with other villages;
  • A Broad Town-only Neighbourhood Plan;
  • The above three possibilities must allow for evidence-based levels of development;
  • No Neighbourhood Plan but rely on the Wiltshire Core Strategy for small villages that keeps development levels to infill.

Do you have a view or would you like more details?  Our next meeting is on Wednesday 10th February 7.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Village Hall, all residents are welcome.

Please contact us if you would like to go on to our mailing list on  More information is on our Community Forum on






Run workshops at the Village Hall on every third Saturday of the month from 10am to 4pm.  All are welcome including painters who are beginners.

Tea and Coffee provided but do bring a packed lunch.  Help will be given to those who request it.  Contact telephone numbers 731154, 731519.





Weekly Hatha Yoga at Broad Town Village Hall.  For more details please contact Polly Fouracres by email -

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