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On Monday 10th May the newly elected Broad Town Parish Council held its first meeting and was back in the Village Hall after a break of over a year. Windows and doors were all open to provide adequate ventilation and social distancing guidelines adhered to.  The elected councillors are Ben Davis, Sandra Hartley, Malcolm Holland, Glen Morley, Rupert Pearce and Judy Rendell. Following the requisite signing of the acceptance of office, the outgoing chairman Jackie Jordan presided over the unanimous selection of Rupert Pearce as the new chairman, and Sandra Hartley as vice-chairman. Thanks were expressed to all the retiring councillors.

Applications and interviews are being conducted over the next few weeks to fill the vacancy for the role of Parish Clerk. Agendas, Minutes and other PC notices are available on the website

External lighting

If you have external lighting please be thoughtful towards your neighbours by:

  • Checking the direction of the light beam. If your beam encroaches neighbouring properties or the dark skies adjust the angle downwards
  • Where possible use motion-activated lighting to avoid unnecessary light pollution. Check the sensor settings regularly to avoid accidental triggering.
  • Stand in front of your light in the dark and test/trigger it. If it hurts your eyes it is too powerful for the intended use or it needs re-angling downwards.


Please be considerate when burning bonfires – be aware of wind direction and any nearby thatched roofs, and avoid burning plastic.

Road Closure

Horns Lane will be temporarily closed to traffic on 7 June for a number of days to allow Gigaclear to lay cables, although emergency access will be maintained.




The annual cycling, riding and walking event around the Deanery will take place this year on the Saturday of September 11th 2021.

Anyone wishing to take part should contact Carolyn Crocker for a sponsor form.

Good luck to everyone however you travel.



6th June - 10.30am - Communion

13th June - 10.30am - Morning Worship

If anyone would like to attend either of these services, please book a place by contacting Margaret Green 01793 854200. Everyone is welcome. We can maintain social distancing by using the booking system. Safety is paramount.


Broad Town Book Club

The book club meets once month and we’re always happy to welcome more members who enjoy reading and a chat - the more the merrier! Don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll always have time to finish the book - we don’t mind! 

We are currently reading:

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

The next book club is on Wednesday 2nd June at 8pm if you’d like to attend. The facebook page (search Broad Town Book Club) has all the details regarding books, dates, times, joining instructions etc - alternatively, for more information you can email:

Happy reading 📚♥️



   The next collection at the Village Hall will be on Sat. 5th & Sun 6th June,  9am – 5pm.  Whilst many of us are enjoying more freedom from restrictions - as the ‘Roadmap’ out of lockdown proceeds -  let’s always remember  the people who are still struggling to feed themselves and their families. Please be as generous as you always are.


for May has taken place and the prizes have been distributed.

We are delighted to announce that the results are as follows: 1st - Nigel Crocker; 2nd - Judy Rendell and 3rd -Rupert Bastin.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Community Coffee Morning Wednesday 30th June

We are delighted to be able to open the doors and welcome you all back to our first coffee morning after our extended break.  It will be so good to see everyone. Should any restrictions still be in place we will of course fully comply with them.

Date for June

Wednesday 30th June : Village Hall 10am to 12 noon.

Tea/coffee/hot chocolate and home made cake. In addition to the book swap, we will be offering jigsaw puzzles to borrow.

Dates for July

Wednesday 14th July

Wednesday 28th July

August: There will be no coffee mornings in August

If you love baking cakes and would be happy to join our cake rota  (to  bake about once in 3 months) do please let one of us know.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

CCM team Margaret Annie Sandra Helen and Carolyn

On Repairing Tradition

One of my enjoyable discoveries of lockdown was watching the Repair Shop – I delight in the skill and expertise of the crafts people, even when it’s something that I can’t imagine I would have ever valued or kept; for me that’s often the ceramics, although I have a treasured china piggy bank with dark glue cracks from an earlier repair. Yet even when it’s something I know I wouldn’t have kept and treasured, especially not once it was broken there is delight in watching the repair and renewal alongside the story of why this item matters to this person or that family.

There is both careful and adept restoration and there is also, it seems to me value added in having the gifts of the crafts person involved in the repair – to know this now includes the gifts of a Will, a Stephen or a Kirsten in its renewal.

At its best this is what we do to tradition – when we discover that an aspect of it is broken we repair it in a way that is honest in maintaining the patina of time and the story of connection and also acknowledges that sometimes things are broken beyond repair and if they are to function they have to be taken apart and completely new items grafted in if they are to function.

This is how I understand the Church of England’s desire to acknowledge the injustice and brokenness of the history of objects within our buildings that were created on racist foundations – if we are honest about the realities of our failures, we are not denying the past but enabling either restoration or completely new beauties to become part of our tradition.

This may also be true for us about how we manage to hold together the challenges that can arise even from a shared experience like the pandemic – there will be both good things experienced and deep and painful loss – as we look back and see what was broken, we can find opportunities to repair and restore that weave together the golden strands of gratitude with space for the  warping threads of loss into a tapestry of gathered community strength.

Rev E. R. Abbott




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