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MAY 2021 THE WINDS OF CHANGE – Revd. Karen Rizzello

Dear Reader,

The winds of change are blowing through this land. We are seeing lockdown slowly melting away and people emerging from their homes to come together again.  I’m not sure how things will be in May as I am writing this letter just before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on April 18th.  I hope and pray that our lockdown schedule is going forward and has not been slowed down due to Covid cases.

I run a weekly zoom ‘cuppa and chat’ session on Tuesday afternoons for everyone who wants some chat over a coffee/tea during lockdown.  I see signs of hope in that zoom session.  People are able to visit their relatives in care homes, see their grandchildren, go out and sit with a friend or relative and share a coffee.  In fact, signs are so hopeful that I am counting down to June when we can end our zoom meetings and meet in person.  I don’t think we will stop using zoom to connect but there will be more opportunities for face-to-face contact in the future.

May is an important month for me as a follower of Christ but also for the population in general.  We have two bank holidays in May.  One on May 3rd and one on May 31st.  We as a nation will enjoy this time off but the second half of May holds additional significance.  There is the festival of Ascension Day on May 13th followed by the festival of Pentecost on May 23rd.  The first festival remembers the Ascension of Jesus into heaven after his resurrection on Easter Sunday followed by the second festival to mark the giving of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the followers of Jesus on the day of Pentecost.  These festivals complete the cycle of Jesus’ time on earth and our union with Him through the gift of the Holy Spirit

For all of you who have suffered a bereavement during this time, may this give you hope that your loved one rests with Jesus and all the saints.

As a nation we have a strong tradition of resilience in times of trouble, and I think we can safely say that Covid has been and is a time of trouble. Whoever you are and whatever your tradition or none we are all called to love and take care of each other.  As we come out of lockdown, remember that many will be feeling vulnerable and may have experienced extreme pain. Be kind to each other and enjoy your time out and together.  

God Bless, Revd. Karen.






Items for entry into the next newsletter can be sent straight to Margaret Green

 FOOD BANK    The next collection will be Saturday 8th / Sunday 9th May. 
                              9am – 5pm at Village Hall. 

SHELTER   The Easter Shelter has been dismantled and we have several decorations that villagers placed there. If you would like them back, please telephone 731564.


It was so lovely to welcome all the children back at the beginning of March and wonderful that on the first day all the children were present. It is such a pleasure to see the children happily catching up and playing with their friends.

We still need to maintain Covid-19 safety measures, and this really does show that our school community is working together to minimise risk and to help keep everyone safe.

We had an exciting ‘Red Nose Day’ last term, it was not the normal ‘Red Nose Day’ but staff held a range of fun activities with their classes.

Now we are back from our Easter break we are looking forward to more outside activities in the better weather, if you are passing the school playground or the field you will see the children enjoying being out in the sunshine!


It is with deep regret that we report the passing of a long-time resident and valued member of the community.

Mr John Pullen has said “Goodbye” to this world and entered the next.

He, with his wife, lived in the village for many years.

They had 3 boys. For a long time he could be seen on his “Egg round” in Royal Wootton Bassett.

He was a member of the Parish Council and lately an avid supporter and fund-raiser for Prospect. He died at the age of 95


BROAD TOWN CHURCH   The next Service will be a Holy Communion Service on 23 May at 10.30am. Please telephone Margaret Green – 854200 – to book, if you plan to attend.


The book club meets once a month and we’re always happy to welcome more members who enjoy reading and a chat - the more the merrier! Don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll always have time to finish the book - we don’t mind! 

We are currently reading:

The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

The next book club is on Wednesday 5th May at 8pm if you’d like to attend. The facebook page (search Broad Town Book Club) has all the details regarding books, dates, times, joining instructions etc - alternatively, for more information you can email:



  1. Weather permitting, White Horse liming place will take place on Sunday 23rd May. The plan is to meet at the end of Chapel Lane at 0930 or at the Horse at 1000hrs.

Protective equipment will be available at the site in the form of eye protection and face masks. All participants are requested to wear appropriate footwear and work gloves. If possible, they should also bring a tool that can be used for removing weeds or for spreading the lime.

  1. The event will be open to all those who wish to be involved with the only stipulation being that participants should be physically fit and in good health.
  2. Would anyone who wishes to be involved please contact Andrew Law on 01793 731472 or  . Fuller details will then be provided to all volunteers.



Broad Town WI is thrilled to be arranging meetings again after the months of lockdown.  Our heartfelt thanks go to the Committee for keeping things going behind the scenes and for arranging Zoom meetings for the past year, it’s great that they have given us the opportunity to get up and running from this month.

Last November was the 95th Anniversary of Broad Town WI and so top of our list is planning an event to celebrate, none of us are old enough to remember 95 years ago (!) so if anyone has information or ideas about life in Broad Town in 1925 we’d love to hear from you.

We are planning a Bring Something to Swap evening in May in the village hall car park– plants, produce, cakes, puzzles, books – the date to be confirmed dependent on Covid restrictions.  Please feel free to come along to say hello and bring your Swap items.  Watch out for further information.

We would love to encourage new members, our meetings are fun and forward looking and will start up again in June with a plan to meet at a local pub garden and July back in the village hall, the third Wednesday of each month at 7.30.  Come and join us!

Contact Lorraine on for more information.


You are invited to join us for talks, quizzes, chats and fun.

As we come out of lockdown, we are updating our dates.

April 27th.   May 11th and 25th.

2pm - 3pm

Karen Rizzello -     07882055878

Lynn Thrussell -   07808551843

Jenny May -     01249891783

Cuppa in hall  June22nd


10.00am - 11.30am

Everyone welcome


The Parish Council are pleased to confirm that they have selected a contractor to replace the fencing for the playing field in Redhills; work will commence by the beginning of July. The new fencing will be steel V-Weld Mesh Panel System which is commonly seen around school playing fields

The cost is nearly £12,000.00 and has required the Parish Council to accumulate budget over several years and successfully applying for grants from both the Good Energy Community Fund and Area Board.

We were unsuccessful in recruiting a new Parish Clerk so there is still a vacancy. The role requires approximately 5 hours works per week. Experience is preferred but not essential, training is available to suitable applicants. Salary is commensurate with experience. The Parish Council are a very friendly supportive group and extremely easy to work with.  If you have an aptitude for office and support work and a wish to help support the Broad Town community and Parish Council why not consider applying? Contact the Parish Clerk on BTPCCLERK@OUTLOOK.COM or one of the Parish Councillors for more information.

After 4 years serving on the Parish Council Councillors J Jordan, C Rendell & B Joyce have not stood for re-election.  There were 6 nominations for 7 roles within the Parish Council therefore no election was required and all nominees are selected for the new Parish Council. The new Parish Council will consist of the following and a new Chairman will be elected at the next Parish Council meeting on the 10th May.

Name of Counciller                              Home Address

DAVIS Ben Thomas                                Hurstbridge House, Pye Lane
                                                                   Broad Town, SN4 7RR

HARTLEY Sandra Gillian                       The Pink House, Pye Lane
                                                                   Broad Town, SN4 7RR

HOLLAND Malcolm Alexander           Marlborough House,
                                                                   Broad Town, SN4 7RG

MORLEY Glen                                         The Old Shop,
                                94A Broad town, SN4 7RL

PEARCE Rupert                                       Pantywick,
                 101 Broad Town, SN4 7RU

RENDELL Judy                                         Queen Elizabeth Cottage,
                                                                   Broad Town, SN4 7RE

As we emerge from Lockdown and it is still unclear how we may be able to use the Village Hall we are planning on holding the next Parish Council meeting via Zoom. If this changes to a physical meeting in the Village Hall we will publish this on the noticeboards and Parish Council website.

Now we are starting to see sunnier days and lighter evenings please consider neighbours, following a resident’s concerns please avoid loud music and bonfires during day light hours.

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