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This edition sponsored by John Pullen in memory of Daphne and Colin.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to distribute the Broad Town News in the same way we did prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. Over the past few months a newsletter has been produced and sent by email to a number of residents and a copy posted on the Broad Town website. In addition there is a link on the Broad Town facebook page and a few paper copies have been made available when requested but there are many households who do not get to see a copy. We hope to be able to return to the old system but in the meantime, if you know of anyone who would like an electronic version please let me know at:

Thank you

BROAD TOWN CHURCH  re-opened (following Government and Church of England regulations) with an All Age Service on 16 August. The Service was led by Richard Holness who has now begun his training for Ordained Ministry. Richard’s 3 year training is a part-time course, alongside his full time “day job”.  He was thanked for all he has given to B. T. Church and was joined by Fiona and Ruth for a special blessing by Rachma.             

Although the Church has re-opened there will not be a Service every Sunday but on a 6 weekly rotation with the other Churches in the Benefice. The next Service at Broad Town Church will be displayed on the Church notice board and posted on the Benefice and village facebook.

The funeral for “Jake” Cowan took place in Broad Town Churchyard on  4th  August.   Our condolences go to Olive and all her family.


The Parish Council held its third council meeting by Zoom and we would encourage anyone interested in the next agenda to join us. We are very happy for people to join online or by phone, just for public participation or a specific item, or to stay for the whole meeting. Details are posted on the notice boards and on our website but if you have any questions about how to join please contact the Parish Clerk at

Volunteer wanted…….Although it is hard to think about bad weather as we are sweltering in the heat, Wiltshire Council are looking for each Parish to appoint a Flood Warden for the coming winter. This person will be the point of contact with Wiltshire Council to ensure we are better informed and better prepared to face any future flood events. The main role of the Flood Warden is to monitor, observe and report issues in the village and to receive updates and warning information. They can also lead the development of a Village Flood Plan and will have access to flood prevention measures such as sandbags and pumps. Training is provided. More information can be found on Wiltshire Council’s website. If you are interested, then please contact the Parish Clerk.

New website: Just a reminder that the Parish Council now has a new website to comply with the requirements of the Transparency Code and of the Website Accessibility Regulations. The address is: . Many thanks to all involved in making this happen.

Good Energy Community Fund applications………The deadline for the current round of applications to the fund is 28th August. If you are a community group or individual with an idea to support, connect or add value to our village community then please consider applying for a grant.

Next Meeting Monday 14th September 2020 at 6.30pm online. All are welcome and joining details and the agenda will be posted on our website and on the notice boards in due course.


All good leaders have a clear and memorable manifesto for action. One of my favourite leadership announcements includes the promise of good news for the poor and the proclamation of liberty to captives and is sometimes known as the Nazareth Manifesto.*

Through a long and strange spring and summer, we’ve moved past the beginning of harvest season and the first mists of autumn are upon us. As the season of shortening days and mellow fruitfulness arrives, I find myself reflecting on that Nazareth Manifesto promise to set prisoners free.

What does it feel like to be given freedom after a period of captivity or a time of imprisonment?

 This year, most, maybe all of us, will have had some experience of constraints on our freedom and for those of us who were shielding from the beginning this will have been several months of rigorous containment at home.

As some freedoms were returned to us the word lockdown kept being used. For freedoms had been set aside in order to show our care and commitment to the health and wellbeing of all.  After all, if lockdown was now easing, then we had been locked in even if with our own consent.

Now we were being released surely all would be delighted.  There are many bible stories of God’s people moving from slavery to freedom; among them  Moses leading the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt or the return from years of captivity in Babylon. In both cases the people’s response is complex – grumbling about the leadership;  nostalgia for the cucumbers and melons of Egypt or the weariness of having to take up the hard task of rebuilding not simply the Temple, but also  the community after the Exile.  

In many ways it seemed easier at first. I knew where I was and tried to adapt to the loss of freedoms; This time of easing  has not been easy. It seems that I may  not be alone.

As I can stretch my limbs again beyond the confines of my home and garden (not forgetting the privilege of having both of those) and as my husband and I have a few precious days without the responsibility and care for an elderly relative I need to remember that I can choose to  use my freedoms and responsibility kindly as well as wisely.

I can use this experience to imagine why  release from imprisonment might feel threatening or frightening; to understand that the surprising sharpness from friends might reflect fear that all is not yet safe;  that there is  sadness at the loss of planned activity;  that grief for the loss  loved ones may have intensified in isolation; that for many who live with the ongoing lockdown  of illness or disability face these challenges for many months or years longer than I have been constrained by a virus.  I can choose to use my freedom to remember those who return to a future forever changed by the loss of employment or the disabling aftermath of disease or to write another letter to argue for the freedom of those who are imprisoned and for whom the promise of being set free has not yet been made a reality.  May you too find time and space to adjust to the freedoms of the ‘new normal’ and patience to endure the continued restrictions of your daily life.

*Luke 4:1-15 quoting Isaiah 61.                                                                                                                                              Rachma


At a meeting of the Hall Management Committee in August it was agreed to begin the process to re-open the Hall on 1  November in accordance with the Government Regulations and advice, which could mean that some booking requests may  have to be declined.  After many successful years as Chairman of the Committee, Nigel Crocker has officially resigned but will  continue as a Committee Member. At this critical time of preparing to re-open we are desperately seeking new people to join  the Committee and if you are interested please contact either Ray Manley, Vice-Chairman Tel: 731564 or Veronica  Stubbings, Secretary Tel: 731131


Made by B. T. Ladies are still available. We have lots of different styles, colours, and materials.

                                     Treat yourselves to a new one!  Tel: 731564


The August collection was, once again, very successful. The Royal Wootton Bassett Satellite Centre continue to be very busy  and expect this to continue for some time. The next collection will be 5th &  6th September at the Village Hall


Please could you let me know if village children and ex-BT School children have received any grades for A levels and GCSE exams this time round. All children should be congratulated, and we would like to do so through the newsletter.

Jack Corrigan, an ex-BT School scholar, has achieved Distinction, Distinction, Merit in his BTec from Cirencester 6th form college and is now looking for work, preferably an apprenticeship.

Deadline date for next B. T. News is 18 September. Articles to:  please.

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