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Sponsors this month are the Parish Council













Wednesday Sep 2



Holy Communion















Sunday Sep 6


Clyffe Pypard

Said Communion






Trinity 14



Family Communion*








Broad Town

Family Communion*

C Marshall / M Green

D Marshall

D Marshall

M Manley

C Bettinson










Sunday Sep 13


Clyffe Pypard

Holy Communion






Trinity 15



Sung Communion








Clyffe Pypard

Picnic Service








Broad Town


J Drury / C Rendell

C Rendell


M Manley

C Marshall



















Sunday Sep 20


Broad Town

Sung Communion

F Holness / M Manley

R Manley

C Green

R McLaren

C Marshall

Trinity 16



Holy Communion
























Sunday Sep 27


Clyffe Pypard







Trinity 17



Family Service* + Baptism








Broad Town

Harvest Tea followed by








Broad Town

Harvest Songs of Praise

C Crocker / D Marshall

C Green


R McLaren

P Lewis


* Denotes a service that is particularly suitable for all ages.

Coffee Rota – 6th Sept Fiona and Richard Holness; 20th Sept Margaret Green and Janet Drury





Our Harvest Songs of Praise will start at 5pm with the usual cup of tea, sandwiches and cakes.  The service will be at 6pm and at the end we will be saying a sad Farewell to our organist Malcolm Titcombe who has been playing for us for many years.  Before that he was in the choir for a few years.  Thankfully he has agreed to come back when needed for special occasions.  Do come to show your appreciation to Malcolm who has given so much time and effort to the Church.




Broad Town Newsletter (BTN) takes all reasonable care to ensure that pages published are accurate.  Articles and letters submitted may be the personal opinion of the author and, as such, are not endorsed by BTN.  BTN takes no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on any of these pages, and such information does not form any basis of a contract with readers or users of it.




Will organisations or anyone wishing to have news, etc. included in the October edition please note that items must be submitted to

Margaret Green, 5 Eastwood Avenue, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wilts. SN4 8BX.




9th Sept                 Busy Bees @ Bushton

11th Sept               M & Co Fashion Show @ Lyneham

12th Sept               Ride and Stride + Christ Church Coffee Morning

13th Sept               Julia’s House Hospice Tea @ Hilmarton

16th Sept               WI @ Broad Town

16th Sept               CLPG response deadline

18th Sept               4ways Pub – World Rugby

23rd Sept               CLPG meeting

26th Sept               Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club

26th Sept               4ways Pub – World Rugby

27th Sept               Broad Town Evening tea and Harvest Songs of Praise

3rd Oct                   Harvest Supper @ Broad Town





September is often a month of change and transition.  Outside summer moves to autumn.  For many September marks a change to a new school or stage of life, whether from nursery to ‘big’ school or primary to secondary or on to college or university or work.  Change and transition comes for adults too – sometimes in response to the changing needs of those one loves as parents and contemporaries age.

Sometimes we discover we have made a transition in our life or our work.  It may have been consciously sought and worked for or it may be that change has crept upon us.  We may realise some achievement or come to accept that a longed for ambition will not be achieved.  It may be as trivial as thinking about whether one colours one’s hair or leaves it – or it may be a matter of life and death.

Change isn’t always seen as desirable.  As an old hymn tune expresses matters: ‘Change and decay in all around I see, o thou who changest not abide with me’.  Yet change is inevitable: watching and working in the garden has taught me that the alternative to ‘change and decay’ is not a refusal to change but a willingness to accept change and growth even if growth comes in  unexpected ways.  Beneath our feet, albeit unfelt, the earth is changing its position relative to the sun as it moves on its daily and annual orbit.

There’s a David Bowie song that I still love but which for years I mistook the lyrics.  I thought the song went: ‘ch ch ch changes, turn and face the strange’ only to realise recently that, in fact they are: ‘ch ch ch changes turn and face the strain’.

I think sometimes that facing the strange, directly, even when this is a strain can encourage a transition that we do not desire to become something good and wonderful.

As the writer of the letter to the Hebrews expresses it:  ‘be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares’ [Hebrews 13:2]

& maybe if September finds your life reassuringly unaltered you can spare some time or thought for those who face change and find it a struggle.

The Reverend Rachma Abbott Priest in Charge, Woodhill Benefice.

The Vicarage Clyffe Pypard, SWINDON SN4 7PY.  01793 731134



This year the sponsored Cycle, Walk, Ride a horse (however you fancy travelling except by car!) around Wiltshire Churches and Chapels will take place on Saturday 12th September.

If you feel energetic and would like to raise funds for Christ Church Broad Town and historic churches throughout Wiltshire, this is for you!  Visit as many churches in Wiltshire as you can while enjoying our beautiful countryside and raising money.  Many churches are open for refreshments including Broad Town and some have toilet facilities.  Sponsor money is shared between our Village Church and the Historic Churches Trust.

Last year we raised a total of £60 by cycling on an exercise bike in the church during the coffee morning and £30 was paid into church funds.  We also provided refreshments for over a dozen cyclists who visited Broad Town.  The exercise bike will again be in use this year and sponsorship is needed for the worthy pedallers.

If you would like to participate, further details and sponsorship forms are available from Carolyn on 852754.





The next coffee morning will be on September 12th in the Church.  As well as the usual lovely cakes and refreshments there will be books and plants for sale.  Tickets will also be available for the Harvest Supper.

For the Ride and Stride Janet Drury, Margaret Green and Clive Green will be trying to ride around the Deanery on an exercise bike!  So we will be looking for sponsors.  Ride and Stride is an annual activity for anyone feeling energetic to ride a horse or bike or to run or walk from Church to Church to raise money for Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust and their own Church (50/50).





This year we are again supporting the Food Bank with our Harvest donations.  The Villagers are invited (if they cannot come to Harvest) to bring items for the Food Bank to the Coffee Morning on the 12th September. There will be a box at the Church to receive the contributions.  Thank you in advance for your help with this.




An event for the whole community.  3 Course Meal, Entertainment, Bar provided by the Four Ways Community Pub

Venue - Village Hall -.Date & Time -3 October at 7.30pm
Tickets - £10.00.  Family tickets (2 adults & 2 children) £25.00
Available from - Margaret Manley, Tel: 731564, Margaret Green, Tel: 854200
Rosie McLaren, Tel: 731526, Judy Rendell, Tel: 731341

Proceeds will go towards keeping your church open



Thank you to everyone for your continued interest, we are getting lots of “hits” on our Community Forum website and great photos sent to our new e-mail address

This month we especially want to tell you about the last Area Steering Group meeting (covering all the villages in the Neighbourhood Plan):

  • There will soon be an Informal Consultation on the Broad Town Chapter of the Neighbourhood Plan together with the overarching chapters that apply to all the villages.  Comments will be gathered from users of village facilities as well as residents e.g. parents at the school, WI members, landowners  and other organisations such as the police or neighbouring councils.  The chapter may be amended as a result of comments;
  • We had expected an Informal Poll to follow this Consultation giving residents in each village the opportunity to say yes or no to the final draft of their chapter.  This is written into the formal Wiltshire Council Neighbourhood Plan document and we thought it was set in stone.  Worryingly it was agreed to remove this stage as it couldn’t be decided how to put it in place fairly.  Hopefully this can be resolved;
  • Wiltshire Council has introduced an Affordable Housing policy to allocate homes  to applicants with a local connection to the Neighbourhood Plan area, in our case this is across all the villages in the Plan;
  • Wiltshire Council will advise on current village chapters in August/September and bring the complete draft Neighbourhood Plan and the methods of consultation to the next Area Steering Group meeting on 30th September.

Thank you too for coming to the CLPG August meeting.  We explained the agreement with Wiltshire Council (formal notes awaited) that the process will move forward with the CLPG draft chapter and the evidence base is sound but there are two areas in the chapter to be addressed.  The first is the addition of an Environment and Landscape section which is now underway.  The second is to consider the delivery of the affordable housing shown in our Housing Needs Survey.

Wiltshire Council suggested including options in the Broad Town chapter consultation (a) to remain within the Wiltshire Core Strategy (infill only) and (b) to deliver three affordable houses, giving the opportunity to select which option should go forward into the final version.  At the meeting it was felt that the people of Broad Town could contribute by putting forward their ideas for the delivery options to be consulted on.

Do you have an imaginative idea for a way of delivering affordable houses through development or otherwise?  Your idea must be based on agreed existing evidence documents, consider how it will be funded, be realistic, be supported by a balanced rationale with pros and cons and you must be able to provide supporting materials and respond to queries if your idea progresses.  You can register your interest by e-mailing by 16th September for further information.  All the background information you need is on our Community Forum website and will be easier to access when our new website is up and running.  Do contact us to let us know what you think about this approach, we’re always interested in your views.






In every neighbourhood plan a referendum is held at the end of the consultation to ensure that the final plan is acceptable to the majority of the resident of the community to which the plan relates. In the “area neighbourhood plan” which Broad Town is signed up to this referendum is spread across all the participating villages including Purton and Lyneham  with the result that the content relating to Broad Town is voted on by all the participating villages and not the residents of Broad Town only.

It was recognised during the inception of the plan that this was un-democratic, and that a local poll should be held at the consultation stage to ensure that the Broad Town content of the plan was acceptable to Broad Town residents before the overall plan was put together. This was written into the constitution of the plan.

Worryingly it was decided at the last Area Steering Group meeting for reasons of expediency not to go ahead with this local poll despite the CLPG and Parish Council representatives expressing concern.

We believe that that plan process is now un-democratic as residents of Broad Town will not now be able to determine for themselves whether or not the content of the plan for Broad Town is acceptable. In effect it will be the residents of the other villages who decide.

Whatever your views are on what the plan should support we feel it is essential that the residents of Broad Town decide on the content of the plan relating to Broad Town; after all this is what localism is all about.  We are now being denied this.  We will be campaigning by all possible means for the restoration of the local poll, however if the local poll is not re-instated we feel it would be right for Broad Town to withdraw from the Neighbourhood Plan process.  The principal reason for Broad Town being in the plan as stated in this newsletter by the Parish Council is to prevent un-wanted development.  The Wiltshire Core Strategy which is now in place gives protection against significant development in small villages such as ours whilst allowing for continuing limited small scale development without the need for a neighbourhood plan.

Sadly, the Neighbourhood Plan process has to date caused considerable division, mistrust and anxiety in the village and after four years now appears to be no further forward.  Perhaps it is time for a re-think.

If like us you are concerned then please contact the Parish Council, the CLPG, or our Unitary Councillor Mollie Groom.  Broad Views





CINDERELLA Saturday 19th September (U) 109 mins

Kenneth Branagh directs big-money Disney re-telling with some super ‘turns’ such as

Cate Blanchett’s wicked stepmother (as one reviewer summed it: “Bette David does Cruella De Vil) and Helena Bonham Carter’s fizzy fairy Godmother. Lily James is excellent as Cinderella.

However it is the visuals - fabulous costumes and colour palette - which really stand out.  A really super film that appeals to all ages.





On the 12th August we finished our year at Busy Bees with a summer outing to the Cotswold Country Park.  We had lovely weather and the park has an excellent toddler beach and play area, all facilities and plenty of space.  It was a busy Summer afternoon, but we were happily spread out and comfortable, sharing paddles and sandcastles and Hayley treated us all to ice - creams, it was lovely to see the toddlers having such fun and all over too soon!

We are taking a break now until September and starting up again on Wednesday September 9th at Bushton Village Hall 1.45pm - 3pm.

Rachma, Rosie and I (Kim) look forward to seeing you all then and welcoming any new Babies, Toddlers and parents/carers that would like to come and join the fun.

For any further information, please contact Kim Gough on or 07850 933344





1. It is necessary to reiterate the rules governing Parish Council meetings.  The public are not supposed to speak at meetings, but may be invited to do so by the Chairman, as a courtesy.  This is not part of the formal meeting, and as such, will not be minuted. The fact that I note public comment is also a courtesy.  The minutes are a record of decisions made, not a verbatim report of proceedings.  An item will not be discussed to a decision unless it is on the agenda, so give me seven days to ensure it is included.

2. The Community Fund will soon be up and running.  It will be the responsibility of the PC for its use, and in turn be accountable to Good Energy.  The money received will be limited by the power output of the solar farm.  The funds will be used to give grants to Broad Town Village organisations for the good of the community, but cannot be used for any project requiring long term funding, or any expenditure which is the statutory responsibility of the PC.  Once the fund is viable I will give more information.





Sunday 13th September 2015.  Please have an early Sunday lunch on the 13th September and join us for an 'English' tea in the Church Hall, Hilmarton between 3pm - 5pm.  This is in aid of Julia's House Children's Hospice which helps to support families across Dorset and Wiltshire.  For anyone who has had experience of this amazing service you will know just how important it is.  If you would like to help donations of sandwiches, cakes, scones and all things yummy would be most gratefully received and can be delivered to Val at Breda Cottage or on the day at the Church Hall between 10am - 11am. If you could spare a couple of hours on the day to help that would be wonderful.  Just speak to Val who will welcome you with open arms!  For those of you on social media please spread the word.  You can find out more about Julia's House on their website and on Facebook and Twitter.  Everyone please tell all your friends and families and help to make this ‘Time for Tea’ a big success.



If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the brand new Big Gig website at  Everything you need to know is there in vibrant colour including the running order for the day’s entertainment.  There are too many bands to mention here but in addition to Hells Bells (probably the country’s leading AC/DC tribute band) there is a wealth of local talent.  Some are returning acts having earned their place after excellent performances last year (SN Dubstation, Talk in Code and Charlie Ann) whilst some are brand new to the Big Gig stage.  Have a listen to KIN, Elles Bailey and Firestate and make your own minds up.

Tickets are now on sale via the Big Gig website and are selling well; also, look out for outlets opening up locally in early August.  A number of traders such as Cloth of Gold and Primrose Hill in Royal Wootton Bassett, Broad Hinton Post Office,

Sound Knowledge in Marlborough and Holmes Music in Swindon will be selling tickets over the counter - first come, first served.

Our sponsors have supported us well and it is probably worth mentioning the lead sponsor Mercer Hair in Royal Wootton Bassett along with our own Broad Town Cars and Plantronics in the Interface Business Park, suppliers of high quality headsets.

A full list of sponsors is on the website and we thank every one of them.

As ever we will be looking for help to prepare the site on the bank holiday weekend 29-31 August and to take the tents down on Sunday 6 September.  The key time is 2pm Sunday 30th of August when the marquees will be erected and all assistance will be gratefully accepted.  Its good fun and many hands make light work.

Everything is pointing towards an outstanding event and we really look forward to having you join us for the very best of days.




Our first meeting of the new season is on Saturday 26th September 2015 and is as usual at the Mallard Public House, Lyneham. 9:30am start, £7pp + a raffle. Our subject this time is from the Air Ambulance.




St. Michael’s Church Hall Lyneham at 7.30.p.m. Friday 11 September

Tickets £5 each to include complimentary drink on arrival Tickets must be purchased in advance and available from Jenny May 01249 891783 or Lesley Bates 01249 891664 or




Do you wish to speak French? Are you planning a holiday in France?  Do you need to improve your French for a business meeting or next career move?  Do you need support in preparing for your exams?  Would you like your son or daughter to learn French from a young age?  Whatever your need, I can give you the tools to help you reach your goal.  I am French and have taught children and adults at different levels.

I live in Broad Town (Church Farm House).  Lesson £30 for 1hr (adult/teenager) or £15 for 30mins (under 13).  Call Peggy on 07766734400 if you would like to discuss your requirements.  A bientôt

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