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Draft notes from meeting with Wilts Council 24.6.15 

Notes from meeting with Chair of NEW-V Area Steering Group, Wiltshire Council, Parish Council members and CLPG members on 24th June 2015.

Main bullet points

Carolyn Gibson will produce the meeting minutes

Carolyn Gibson had received the plan as sent in by an individual which was thought to be the latest CLPG plan. This was dis-counted after pointing out it hadn’t been sanctioned, reviewed and approved by either the CLPG or Parish Council. Lorraine Billis provided the latest version which was the basis for further discussion. Notes prepared by Carolyn Gibson for CLPG Version 1 plan were also applicable to the current CLPG plan.

Carolyn Gibson – Broad Town is covered by the core strategy on ‘in-fill’; there is no expectation that this should/would change; it is what it is.

Carolyn Gibson – main observation is that some Policies are in fact tasks; need to be separated.

·         Tasks can support policies as required.

·         Additional information needs to be inserted as to how policies can be funded for implementation.

·         Tasks can be allocated to group(s) who will still be in existence in 2026 (life of Plan) – e.g. Parish Council or Parish Council/Wiltshire Council (after negotiation)

·         Tasks could be funded from the 25% of CIL received from development (except affordable housing and some business development)

·         Could name existing funding where known to support tasks (e.g. – solar panel income)

·         Policies cannot make assumptions on future CIL/S106 payments

·         The Parish Council will get 25% of the CIL if a Neighbourhood Plan is in place or 15% otherwise

·         The Environment is not in as a Theme; Lorraine Billis has words on this to insert

·         Landscape policy could cover protection of certain views – e.g. the church

·         Policies should be criteria specific and not site specific

Carolyn Gibson – further context required on the background, location of Broad Town, more/better photos would help (e.g. to support protecting settings – e.g. the church/AONB/The White Horse).

·         Could review what has been developed in the AONB as examples of what shouldn’t be further developed in the village

Plan should focus on amenities – e.g. Redhills/school/environment

Move cycling tasks under traffic section

Wiltshire Council can help with additional maps if required within the plan

Carolyn Gibson – housing section in plan is the largest section

·         Undertaking a new housing survey is best way to gather latest data but not practical given remaining timescales

·         Existing data can be used but (e.g.) Housing Need data only addresses affordable housing and cannot be extrapolated for other housing

·         The low requirement in the Housing Needs survey and Parish Plan (2009/11) shows no evolving major demand for housing

·         It should be considered how the Plan could deliver ‘affordable housing’

Brian Joyce – looks like we are solutioning in the Plan before we know the requirements

·         Carolyn Gibson – due to time constraints we should put options into the Informal Plan which stakeholders can then comment on during the Informal Consultation period

o   Having options included is better  than not having them for any future consultations


The Common Places New-V postcards exercise in 2013 did not provide substantial information.

Carolyn Gibson – if Broad Town stayed with the core strategy it would be unable to deliver on the Housing Needs survey for affordable housing and possible other policies

Carolyn Gibson – Neighbourhood Plans are about development and examiners will look for them to be positive

·         If the Parish Council elected to stay solely with the core strategy there is no need to produce a plan within  the Neighbourhood Plan

Carolyn Gibson – all stakeholders should be identified and considered for views on the plan

The continuing process will be:-


Early stakeholder engagement

Winter 2014 - Summer 2015

Developing the draft plan

Autumn 2015

Informal draft plan consultation

Winter 2015

Developing the draft plan

Spring 2016

Submission to Wiltshire Council

Spring 2016

Formal consultation period

Summer 2016

Examination period

Autumn 2016



Regardless of the Neighbourhood Plan content any future development still need to go through the formal approval processes.

It was agreed that future communications on plans will be CLPG to Parish Council to Wiltshire Council.


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