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I have today read the Broad Town Newsletter. I am not the anonymous commentator however, I would be interested to know what is now happening with the group who were tasked with clearing and maintaining the public Rights of Way  (RoW) in the area. I volunteered to be part of the Interest Group following on from a presentation (Parish Survey??), submitted information about the state of way markings, stiles etc when asked to do so (2+ years ago??) and have heard nothing since. I remain committed and interested in being part of a group to proactively work with the county council, landowners and local community to maintain the various RoW (footpaths and bridleways) and raise their profile and usage across our village.

I live outside the main village so do not have access to 'community' notice boards and cannot find dates of Parish meetings or a method of requesting the maintenance of local RoW be placed on a forthcoming agenda.

Any ideas?


Emma (21 Broad Town Rd)

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