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Draft Notes from Meeting of 23rd September 2015


Present:          Rupert Pearce, Judy Conybeare, Andrew Law, Rosie Law, James Harvey-Samuel, Brian Joyce, Peggy Lurot, Oliver Lurot, John Hartley, Sandra Hartley, Mike Rawlins, Colin Rendell, Judy Rendell, Lorraine Billis, Simon Billis, Jim Briers, Glen Morley, Jim Rowe, Paul Olson, Jo Ponting (on behalf of Huw Ponting), John Little, Rod Smith, Sue Smith, Roger Hale, Jim Brierley, Warwick Mattick.

1.        Welcome and Apologies:  Apologies from Paul Smith, Sharon Smith, John Bradley, Hilary Bradley, Nigel Crocker, Brian Smith, Sylvia Smith, Veronica Stubbings.


2.      Agree Meeting Facilitator: – agreed Oliver Lurot


3.      Minutes of meeting of 10th August:  Noted a request to include comments: (a) Views were expressed that there are residents that would like to see a development option in the plan and to get some benefits for the village (b) Views were expressed that there was no call for development and that there is a lack of evidence for development (c) Item 8 Terms of Reference had been stated incorrectly and should be revised.


4.      Purpose of Meeting: the purpose of the meeting was agreed.

 It was noted that the informal poll arrangements have been removed from the process by the Area Steering Group (ASG) although the matter will be on the agenda for the next ASG on 7th October.  Wiltshire Council has advised that Parish Councils may include an informal poll if they are willing to fund and organise it, and the Chair of BT Parish Council indicated during questions prior to the last PC meeting that he would be in favour of an informal poll.  There is a Parish Poll process funded by the PC that may be used.  Our representative at the ASG will request the reinstatement of the informal poll.


A query was raised whether we could come out of the Area plan and entrust ourselves to the Core Strategy if we do not have faith in the consultation process being confirmed by a poll.  It was noted that the PC is the authorising body that makes the decision to participate in or opt out of the Area plan.  It was proposed that the pros and cons of being in the Area plan and also the pros and cons of leaving the plan should be documented and published.  It was agreed that Lorraine would request a simple statement of the pros and cons of the Area plan, and the risks of pulling out, from the Parish Council.


5.      Ground Rules for Meeting:  Not discussed.


6.      Presentation of Options/Registration of Interest: 

It was noted that we should have a timetable to put a draft plan to the PC and Wiltshire Council; Wiltshire Council has asked for a draft plan for screening for a Sustainability Assessment.


A revised spreadsheet of 9 development options was distributed; three had been received too late to be printed for the meeting and, due to concern that there would be inequality in their presentation, the full options were not presented.    It was acknowledged that this did not allow the meeting to review the options and a discussion followed on what would constitute a properly authorised, accountable, inclusive and democratic process.  It was noted that one proposer had made a formal request for engagement and that the other proposers should be treated similarly.

Suggestions put forward were:

(a)  Set up a “trusted group” to arrange a village selection process to decide on one proposal to go forward into the draft plan (Brian Joyce, Jim Briers, Rupert Pearce and Glen Morley put their names forward); or

(b)  Use the informal consultation process as this will be agreed between Wiltshire Council and the PC and assessment of comments on the draft may be funded.

A vote was taken on the two suggestions: 14 for suggestion (a), 5 for suggestion (b) with the proviso that there is a poll.

Following the vote concerns were expressed about both suggestions as (a) may lack accountability and acceptability; (b) would allow external stakeholders and not just residents to participate in the decision of what goes into our draft plan.  This reverted to the earlier discussion about the pros and cons of being included in an area plan and the proposal was put on hold.

7.      Landscape/Environment

It was explained that we may include protection of views, landscapes and specific areas/buildings in the Plan.  There were no objections to the geographical description being included in the draft plan but there was no agreement on what areas should be protected.


8.      Agree Trusted Committee: See 6. Above


9.      Agree Next Steps:

An impasse was reached as:

·         It is not clear if we still need to include provision of affordable housing in the draft plan since the publication of Wiltshire Council Allocation of Housing Policy 2015;

·         The proposals for development require a robust and accountable process;

·         The pros and cons of inclusion in an Area plan are not clear;

·         There is concern that the informal consultation is for comments only and there may be no opportunity for Broad Town residents only to say yes or no to the plan.

There was a broad mix of views on development amongst the people attending but everyone agreed that they wanted to do the right thing for the community and also to keep decision-making about the future for Broad Town within the village.  It was therefore agreed that Lorraine would advise the Parish Council and Wiltshire Council that:

·         We were unable to reach a consensus on the options process;

·         We were unable to determine if we should remain in the area plan;

·         We are looking to the Parish Council/Wiltshire Council for guidance on proceeding.


10.  Mandate for CLPG Representative at ASG:

We will request a meeting with Wiltshire Council before or after the ASG; Simon will request reinstatement of the informal poll, James will seek guidance.


Dates of Next Meetings

Area Steering Group – 7th October 6.30 p.m. Purton Bowls Club (public meeting, public queries/comments only before the meeting starts)

Lorraine Billis            30th September 2015

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Community Led Planning Group

As many of you will be aware, the Government's Localism Bill will have a profound effect on proposed development in all communities. Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area has been chosen to pilot the production of a Neighbourhood Plan, with a Neighbourhood Planning Forum set up to take that work forward.

Peter Doyle, the Chairman of Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Board and Community First support and welcome the creation of a Community Led Planning Group to help influence the development of the Neighbourhood Plan for the community area. As Ex-Chair of the Parish Plan Steering Group, I agreed to facilitate the creation of the group and am requesting volunteers to take the group forward; once created I will withdraw as it is important this group is, and is seen to be, entirely independent and representing the views of the parish. The group will:
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It is not intended that membership of this group would be a huge commitment, but it will be an important group whose purpose will be to ensure the views of the people of the parish are represented on the Forum by a nominated and accountable representative. It is important for Broad Town to be aware that saying ‘No’ to development is a risk as it could leave the community vulnerable to unchallenged development. This group will therefore be a vital link between the views of the residents of Broad Town and the work being carried out on the Neighbourhood Planning Forum. So, I would encourage anyone interested in joining this group, with the aim of taking forward the views of the parish, to please contact me by 9th December.
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