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Draft Notes from Meeting of 16th January 2017



  1. Welcome and Apologies:  Apologies received from Nigel Crocker, Peggy Lurot, Oliver Lurot, Simon Billis

Those present:  Rupert Pearce, Sandra Hartley, John Hartley-Brothers, Brian Joyce, James Harvey-Samuel, Colin Rendell, Lorraine Billis

  1. Agree Meeting Facilitator: – agreed Brian Joyce


  2. Minutes of meeting of 21st November and Informal Note 13th December :  Agreed, matters arising will be dealt with within the agenda.


  3. Purpose of Meeting: the purpose of the meeting as set out in the agenda was agreed. 


    1) Update on the Parish Council Housing Survey and draft Neighbourhood Plan:

    There has been no reported progress on the Housing Survey analysis or the draft Neighbourhood Plan although it had been reported at the last PC meeting that a draft Plan had been forwarded to the Chair of the NEW-V Steering Group; also that the PC had discussed preparing a further draft.


    2) Review of Options for Affordable Housing (gathered September 2015): 

    This item arose from a conversation with Ray Bourton, to ask why the PC had not reviewed the Options, and Ray’s response was that he had not seen the Options. At the time the Options had been circulated with the distribution list, that included four parish councillors, but had not been formally sent to the PC via the Clerk.  The CLPG decision not to continue to review the Options was because we did not have the expertise to carry out a review for the purpose of a proposed development option in the Neighbourhood Plan.

    It was agreed that the Options should be sent formally to the PC by LB as:

    Following analysis of the Housing Survey, the Options should be available for consideration;

    There is no indication that the Options have influenced the Housing Survey;

    The CLPG is happy to work with the PC on a review of the Plan following analysis of the Housing Survey;

    There are three Parish Councillors who will not have seen the Options.


    3) Update from NEW-V Area Steering Group including revised timetable:  Bullet points from previous meetings have been distributed and it was noted particularly:

    It had been reported at the ASG that the Wilts Council Core Strategy housing allocation for the RWB & Cricklade area has now been fulfilled and the villages are under no pressure to consider if they should contribute to the allocation.  It was noted that the Core Strategy could be reviewed in the future;

    The BT Parish Clerk has been tasked by the ASG to find out whether the current PCs can pass a resolution to commit future PCs to continuance in the Neighbourhood Plan process;

    The draft Consultation Strategy has yet to be agreed;

    The Wilts Council timetable appears to have some slippage.


    4) Correspondence: 

    Correspondence received from:

    (a) Deborah Bourne, Parish Clerk 21.11.16 – an initial response had been made subject to the correction that DB had said would be made to her letter but that has not been received.  LB will respond to DB requesting the correction and also to ensure factual accuracy;

    (b) Stuart Hinson PC Chair 6.12.16 – an initial response had been made, JH-B will provide a fuller response to ensure factual accuracy;

    (c) Judy Conybeare 5.1.17 – LB to respond thanking Judy;

    (d) Diana Kirby NEW-V Chair – Diana has said that she will take advice from Carolyn Gibson about meeting with BT groups.


    5) Broad Town News Item: Agreed that Lorraine would prepare a news item.


  4. CLPG Representation at NEW-V Area Steering Group 19.01.17:  Agreed Lorraine Billis, and continue to request for an open, transparent process.


  5. Funding for CLPG: A grant form has been requested of the Parish Clerk and is awaited.


  6. Any Other Business: None


  7. The next CLPG Meeting is to take place on Tuesday 21st February 7.30 – 9 p.m.


Lorraine Billis            21st January 2017

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Community Led Planning Group

As many of you will be aware, the Government's Localism Bill will have a profound effect on proposed development in all communities. Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area has been chosen to pilot the production of a Neighbourhood Plan, with a Neighbourhood Planning Forum set up to take that work forward.

Peter Doyle, the Chairman of Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Board and Community First support and welcome the creation of a Community Led Planning Group to help influence the development of the Neighbourhood Plan for the community area. As Ex-Chair of the Parish Plan Steering Group, I agreed to facilitate the creation of the group and am requesting volunteers to take the group forward; once created I will withdraw as it is important this group is, and is seen to be, entirely independent and representing the views of the parish. The group will:
    • Be separate from the Parish Council
    • Create their Constitution
    • Elect officers
    • Agree how often it will meet – it could be on an ‘as and when needed’ basis
    • Elect their representative on the Neighbourhood Planning Forum
It is not intended that membership of this group would be a huge commitment, but it will be an important group whose purpose will be to ensure the views of the people of the parish are represented on the Forum by a nominated and accountable representative. It is important for Broad Town to be aware that saying ‘No’ to development is a risk as it could leave the community vulnerable to unchallenged development. This group will therefore be a vital link between the views of the residents of Broad Town and the work being carried out on the Neighbourhood Planning Forum. So, I would encourage anyone interested in joining this group, with the aim of taking forward the views of the parish, to please contact me by 9th December.
Thank you
Jenny Newman Tel: 739268
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