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Informal Note from Meeting of 13th December 2016


Present: Sandra Hartley, Colin Rendell, John Bradley, Lorraine Billis

  1. Welcome and Apologies:  Apologies received from Nigel Crocker, Hilary Bradley, Simon Billis, John Hartley, James Harvey-Samuel, Rupert Pearce, Brian Joyce


  2. Purpose of the Meeting: As attendance was low it was agreed to hold an informal discussion and not a formal meeting.  Points noted were:
  • The Parish Council has not yet published the data or the analysis from the Housing Survey and it was mentioned at the PC meeting that a draft chapter for the proposed Neighbourhood Plan has been circulated to Councillors.  It is not clear when this information will be publicly available.  Those present requested that Lorraine should circulate the information that has been made public to date;
  • The NEW-V Area Steering Group has been advised of a new ambitious timetable for progressing the proposed Neighbourhood Plan and is seeking commitment from the parishes to ensure that the timetable is met.  The housing requirement for the Royal Wootton Bassett area has been met thus there is no longer the need to fulfil a housing complement through neighbourhood plans.  Parishes have been advised to look only to their own evidenced development wishes for inclusion in the neighbourhood plan;
  • A date in mid-January for the next NEW-V Area Steering Group is awaited;
  • It was recommended to wait to hear further from Diana Kirby before considering the proposed meeting that she has suggested;
  • It was recommended to respond to Stuart Hinson acknowledging his e-mail and advising that his personal views have been noted;
  • It was suggested that a revised meeting date should be arranged for January.


Lorraine Billis            16th December 2016

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Community Led Planning Group

As many of you will be aware, the Government's Localism Bill will have a profound effect on proposed development in all communities. Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area has been chosen to pilot the production of a Neighbourhood Plan, with a Neighbourhood Planning Forum set up to take that work forward.

Peter Doyle, the Chairman of Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Board and Community First support and welcome the creation of a Community Led Planning Group to help influence the development of the Neighbourhood Plan for the community area. As Ex-Chair of the Parish Plan Steering Group, I agreed to facilitate the creation of the group and am requesting volunteers to take the group forward; once created I will withdraw as it is important this group is, and is seen to be, entirely independent and representing the views of the parish. The group will:
    • Be separate from the Parish Council
    • Create their Constitution
    • Elect officers
    • Agree how often it will meet – it could be on an ‘as and when needed’ basis
    • Elect their representative on the Neighbourhood Planning Forum
It is not intended that membership of this group would be a huge commitment, but it will be an important group whose purpose will be to ensure the views of the people of the parish are represented on the Forum by a nominated and accountable representative. It is important for Broad Town to be aware that saying ‘No’ to development is a risk as it could leave the community vulnerable to unchallenged development. This group will therefore be a vital link between the views of the residents of Broad Town and the work being carried out on the Neighbourhood Planning Forum. So, I would encourage anyone interested in joining this group, with the aim of taking forward the views of the parish, to please contact me by 9th December.
Thank you
Jenny Newman Tel: 739268
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