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Feb 16

Written by: RichardHowells
16/02/2009 10:43

For years I have been promising myself I would get the oil syndicate onto the internet.  Yee-hah!  Finally managed it.  I am running a limited beta test with the members interested in the latest oil run - 22Feb for anyone who didn't notice the email.

Already anyone visiting the site can see the historical situation of all the orders we have placed - I was amazed to find we have saved over £8,000 using this scheme.  Anyone in the beta test; and eventually everyone in the syndicate; has access to their own, private, account page which shows their personal order history and their savings through the scheme (yummy!).  When an order is in the planning stage - like the 22Feb one is - they will be able to enter their quantity requirements directly on the web site.

So far, no-one has reported any errors - though there is plenty of time yet.

I now need to think about how the syndicate can enter the 21st Century.  How can we get oil directly through our internet connections?


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Re: Major Progress

Poor Richard.
He may be excellent at programming, but someone needs to tell him that oil comes in tankers, not through ADSL...
(Beta test blog posting....)

By Chaz on   21/02/2009 10:12

Re: Major Progress

At least I have stopped talking about getting some faxed over.

I can do progress!

By RichardHowells on   21/02/2009 10:15

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